Beaker Bongs vs. Straight: Key Differences

A bong is a well-known water pipe used for smoking dry flowers, tobacco, or cannabis. Because they’ve existed for centuries, bongs remain a favorite among cannabis smokers. With a bong, smoke is less toxic due to water filtration, which is just one benefit of these devices.

If you don’t have more specific preferences, you can opt for a straight bong or a beaker bong. Both water pipes boast high-quality glass and look almost the same, except that beaker bongs have a wider bottom. 

Although very similar, there are still some differences that could be a game-changer when choosing your bong. So, before moving to key differences between beaker bongs vs. straight, let’s dive into the basics regarding each bong.

Beaker Bongs vs. Straight: Basic Features 

Bongs come in various shapes and sizes and can cater to every user’s needs. Therefore, you can find some unique bongs and other vaping devices in our guide to bongs or online shop

Right now, however, we’ll stick to the two types discussed above to help you identify which bong caters to you more:

Straight Bong

Let’s start with the most classic and established bong—a straight bong made of a long straight glass tube with a bowl and carburetor. During the hit, the carburetor is covered and helps create a suction effect.

Bong has a bowl piece going into the joint. It combusts the dry weed, after which smoke rises through the water inside and gets cooler and filtrated. After that, it’s ready for inhalation. Because you place the water high in the tube, it produces more bubbles.

The straight bong is simple and efficient to use. You don’t require much effort to inhale, and the hit is much more controlled. Percolators and ice pinch add to the smoke’s cooling effect and additional filtration.

Beaker Bong

A beaker bong features a glass tube with a narrow neck and base with flared cone or bubble shape. Because of the shape of the bottom part and its low center of gravity, beaker bongs are stable and won’t overturn easily. Another advantage of the beaker bong’s construction is that you will have less splashback.

The surface is large so that you can add more water than usual. That will result in more potent hits

In addition, the bubbles you’ll make and the smoke you’ll produce with a beaker bong are more appealing. Hits are smooth and are preferable for seasonal smokers.

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Pros of Beaker Bong and Straight Bong

Now that we’ve looked into the fundamentals of these bongs, here come the benefits of each:

Choose the beaker bong if you want:

  • Smoother hits;
  • More volume of smoke;
  • Less splashback;
  • Bigger bubbles;
  • Better stability.

If you don’t like to have water while taking a hit, the beaker bong is also a better option for you. Last but not least, beaker bongs have a more stylish design.

Choose a straight bong if you want:

  • More controlled hits;
  • Thicker smoke;
  • Smoking with less effort;
  • More bubbles;
  • An easy-to-store bong.

Many bong users prefer straight bongs because they find them easier to clean. You’ll only encounter difficulty cleaning them if they’re on the larger side.

Final Word

Both beaker and straight bong are great for cannabis smoking. However, the outlined key differences allow you to choose between beaker bongs vs. straight according to your practice and desired smoking experience. So, outweigh the pros and the cons, or you can be bold and try both! 

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