The Complete Bong Size Guide in 2023

You have probably seen some wild bong designs, like ones with a mouthpiece shaped like a mushroom or a bowl shaped like a tongue. These intricate bongs may work similarly, but it’s important to learn how bong size influences flavor, hit, and sensation before adding one to your collection. Here is the best bong size guide.

Whether you don’t know which size is best for you or want to learn more about your favorite cannabis-smoking method, you’ve arrived at the right place! In this article, we will discuss the 3 different bong sizes and the pros and cons of each.

Bong Size Guide: Bong Sizes

As you well know, there are many types of bongs, from ones shaped like space shuttles to ones with multiple chambers and percolators. However, despite this variety, all bongs fall into three categories of size – mini, large, and medium.

Figuring out bong length is not as complex as it might sound. Once you learn all the basic details, you’ll be able to choose a perfect bong for your sessions in no time. So let’s get straight to business.  

Mini Bongs

Many people are amazed when they get introduced to mini bongs for the first time. Also known as small or tiny bongs, these are 4 to 11 inches long. You can find a variety of cute tiny bongs, from those with a classic bong design to ones like Pokemons and avocados.

They don’t sound as cool as an extra-large bong, but they have many hidden benefits. First, they are convenient, as you can use them to sneak a hit during your lunch break or for a quick session on the go. Plus, these water pipes are great for frequent travelers because they are easy to pack.

In addition, mini bongs work wonders when it comes to quick and potent hits. There is less water and air space in the chamber of these water pipes, resulting in a harsher sensation.

Who would have guessed that these tiny devices give the best highs? However, just like everything in life, they too have disadvantages. The main one is that they don’t have extra features like ice catchers and percolators, like medium and large ones do.

Medium Bongs

If you are looking for a portable bong but don’t like the idea of a tiny one, medium bongs are the ideal solution. Varying between 10 and 14 inches, these are the perfect bongs for beginners. You can directly purchase many shapes or get a custom-made medium bong.

Many smokers wonder why medium bongs are the most popular. Large bongs are tougher to understand and operate, while mini bongs don’t have a unique water filtration system and give harsher hits. 

Medium bongs are the perfect meeting point between the other two as they lack these disadvantages. Namely, they have the large bong’s filtration system, extra features, and the tiny bong’s portability and practicality. 

It’s no wonder they dominate the market.  

Large Bongs

A large bong can be any bong that is over 14 inches tall. This includes mega bongs that are 22 feet tall and the 16-inch bongs you can find at an online headshop.

Because beaker and straight tube bongs provide stability, they are the most common design choice for big bongs. Whatever design your mega bong has is truly a skill test for modern-day smokers.

Large bongs have more features and accessories and provide more diffusion and percolation. This results in more customizable sessions and a smoother and thinner hit. At the same time, not everyone can withstand the shock of taking a large hit from a mega bong. That’s why large bongs are a superb option for weed connoisseurs looking to experiment.

Keep in mind that large bongs have some disadvantages as well. They are costly, easier to spill and break, provide less intense flavoring, and can cool the hit too much when not handled properly.

Does The Bong Size Make Some Differences?

Size might not matter for many things, but it does for bongs. Besides influencing practicality, your bong’s size will determine hit intensity, flavor, and smoke. Following is a little information about each.


Large bongs usually act as centerpieces, and it’s not uncommon for someone to push them by accident. As a result, most mishaps involve big bongs instead of tiny ones.

Small bongs are not only harder to crack, but they are also easier to conceal and pack. In addition, they are more practical cost-wise, much less expensive, and require fewer herbs to give you the hit you deserve.

However, small bongs might be less practical for those with bigger hands. After all, they have smaller parts than regular bongs, so you need to be extra careful and patient when using and maintaining them.

Hit Intensity

Since they don’t have much space and water, smaller bongs don’t filter out the smoke as much as medium and large ones. Plus, they usually don’t have percolators (a part of a regular bong that further smooths out the hit). That’s why tiny bongs can cause raspiness in your voice and discomfort for some smokers.

On the other hand, the bigger the bong is, the bigger the hit is. So, even though large bongs smooth out the impact, they produce bigger and bolder hits, so they can be tougher to handle for newbies.

Smoke & Flavor

The best bong size for smoke is extra-large. Because of their superior filtration, these bongs provide purer, cooler, and more potent hits. 

However, their diffusion and filtration is a double-edged sword. Because they filter out the smoke better than smaller ones, they provide less intense flavoring. 

Which To Choose?

All bong sizes have their advantages and disadvantages. To choose between them, you need to weigh certain aspects. For example, do you prefer a purer and healthier hit or one with more intense flavoring? Do you want to carry your bong to gatherings and parties, or are you more of an at-home smoker?

The answers may bring you to the perfect bong. If you can’t decide, a medium-sized bong is a win-win combination. 

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