Bong vs. Gravity Bong: Key Differences

Smoking weed today became a real experimental journey, thanks to sophisticated technology. Many devices available on the market have different sizes, designs, features, and functionalities to satisfy consumers’ needs. And yet, the bong remains the most favored among cannabis smokers.

However, this device has changed and developed into several types throughout the years. There are different shapes and sizes, but the gravity bong has recently become a popular choice among weed lovers. Now comes the question, what makes this type differ from the rest? More significantly, is it different from a regular bong?

Below are the key differences between Bong vs. Gravity Bong. But before that, let’s learn more about their basics. 


A bong is nothing but a simple water pipe used for smoking dry flowers, tobacco, or cannabis. It’s usually made of glass in different shapes and can come with additional accessories to boost the experience. Water is essential because the smoke passes through it and gets filtered. That way, you get cooler smoke enriched with the flavor you like.

The straight bong is the oldest but still popular design that makes thicker smoke and controlled hits. There are also other bongs to meet more specific consumer needs.

A beaker bong might be more appropriate for seasonal smokers because of its bigger bubbles and smooth hits. Those that travel more often opt for vapes and bubblers as these have a smoother inhale with fewer toxins.

You can check any online guide to bongs or an online headshop and find more details on the bong you’re interested in.  

Gravity Bongs

A gravity bong is another practical and unique choice for cannabis smokers. It became famous because of the bigger and more intense hits, elevating the experience by a mile.

Like any other water pipe, it works by inhaling smoke from the enclosed space. Naturally, you need water for a gravity bong; however, the smoke doesn’t go through the water, nor is it filtrated. Instead, it gathers in one chamber, and later, the water pushes it into you when turned over. 

The most common two types of gravity bong are the following.

Bucket Gravity Bong

This gravity bong is favored because of its DIY potential. You just need a bucket and a bottle. First, put the weed in the cap, light it, and slowly pull the bottle from the water. In the enclosed space, there is a vacuum that draws smoke. Once the space is full, you remove the cap and inhale.

Waterfall Gravity Bong

Like the previous one, this bong creates a vacuum when you drain water out of the bottle. Here, you light the cannabis and wait for the water to drain. Then plug the hole, remove the cap, and inhale.

Although homemade bongs are cheaper, they’re not as safe since plastic bottles contain polyethylene terephthalate. Instead, find professionally made ones in any online headshop or specialized store.


Key Differences

The key difference between a bong and a gravity bong is their different working methods. 

There is a water filtration process in a regular bong, while in a gravity bong, the smoke goes into a vacuum space without any contact with the water. Therefore, you get smoother hits with a bong, which is not the case with a gravity bong. 

On the other hand, a gravity bong guides the smoke directly into your lungs and at once. This makes the hit easy to inhale and fun but huge, so it’s not recommended for newcomers.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose a simple bong or go with a gravity bong, you’re in for an experience of a lifetime. You can enjoy exploring opportunities with different bongs if you’re a beginner. As with other decisions, rely on your needs and wishes, and make the best of it.

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