Bongs vs. Joint: Key Differences

You haven’t smoked weed for a long time or haven’t done it before, and now you want to give it a go. For most, the joint might be what initially comes to mind. Some smokers even claim that the joint is irreplaceable and the ideal way to smoke cannabis.

And maybe it is for some, but have you considered another option to experience cannabis, the bong? Smoking with a bong is a piece of cake and can sometimes be more fun. After all, your options are endless: straight tube, zig-zag, and even plasma bongs

Both the joint and the bong have distinct features and advantages. We suggest you read on to discover the critical differences between bongs vs. joints. You won’t regret learning about them before you make your choice!

What is a Bong?

Bong is a well-known water pipe used for smoking dry flowers, tobacco, or cannabis. The bong combusts dry weed, and you can usually find it in glass or plastic form. The water inside bubbles, and smoke rises through it, gets cooler, filtrated, and ready for inhalation. You can find more info in our available guide to bongs.

A bong is one of the longest-standing ways to smoke weed, and nowadays, you may discover it in various forms, most of them available at a convenient online headshop.

What is a Joint?

A joint is a simple weed cigarette that you can mix with tobacco. For a good-quality joint, you will need weed from a reputable seller and paper, filter, and tobacco. 

You roll it, light it, and start smoking, as simple as that. The potency of the puff depends on the amount of THC in cannabis and the ratio with CBD.

Advantages of Bong

Bongs pose several advantages for smokers. First, you receive a better high with the same amount of weed because you don’t lose smoke as you do with a joint.

Second, smoking marijuana with a bong is healthier. It is less toxic because you use pure weed and no tobacco. Therefore, you don’t inhale tobacco’s harmful substances, like nicotine. 

Water filters the tar, and percolators in the bong make the smoke smoother and cooler. You get less harmful smoke, a slightly different taste, and no dry heat with the bong.

Marijuana has a recognizable smell when burning. With a bong, you reduce the scent around you. In addition, you can get high with just one hit, so there is no need for long burning and wasted smoke.

At first, you’ll have to splurge a bit to buy a bong, but it proves more affordable in the long run because you can use it repeatedly. Of course, your bong will only last if you handle it with care and maintain regular hygiene.

Disadvantages of Bong

Besides its pros, a bong isn’t always the best choice for you. Due to its size, you cannot take it anywhere and anytime you want. It is also easy to break, and it takes time to prepare and clean after usage.

There is evidence that water filters not only tar but also THC. Therefore, make sure you have weed with sufficient THC if you practice it. In addition, if you don’t smoke regularly, a bong is more expensive than a joint.

Advantages of Joint

The best thing about joints is that you don’t need any unique add-ons, only a rolling paper, filter, and lighter. Rolling it is easy and fast, and you can have the first puff within a minute or two.

A joint is also more discreet, and you can carry it outside. That means you don’t have to fret about taking a glass tube with you and whether you’ve broken it or not. 

Joint fans find the slower burning an advantage and enjoy sharing a smoke with friends. Joints are also cheaper in the short run, so they are best for recreational smokers.

Disadvantages of Joint

Joints are like cigarettes, which means you waste cannabis every time you burn them. Wasted smoke means wasted money you paid for your weed that you don’t use entirely. 

Joints also have a strong scent, and the odor can stick to your clothes and surroundings. The smoke you inhale is hot and contains other toxic substances from tobacco and burned paper, some of which are harmful.

Final Thoughts

You know best what you prefer from your cannabis smoking. There are abundant options when considering bongs vs. joints and exploring new experiences. We suggest you narrow down the pros and cons of each to better establish the superior choice for you.

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