Bongs vs. Vapes: Key Differences

Bongs vs. Vapes: Key Differences

Are you a cannabis enthusiast looking to bolster your high? If you want to sprinkle more thrill into your weed sessions—you’ve come to the right place. Read our bongs vs. vapes guide article.

Cannabis is a plant with many superpowers. One of them is its versatility, or the ability to consume it in many ways. You can take edibles, smoke a joint, and even relax with a cup of THC-infused tea. 

However, today we focus on bongs vs. vapes. Smoking enthusiasts pick between them according to whether they want smoke coming out, how strong they like their hits, and if they wish to smoke on the go.

Keep reading for the nitty-gritty of bongs and vapes, not excluding their benefits and drawbacks.

What are Bongs and Vapes?

A vape is a non-traditional smoking device that works with charging or batteries. It heats substances that usually contain nicotine or CBD. Such substances can be dry herbs, e-liquid, or concentrates, and there is a special vape pen for each.

Bongs serve the same purpose as vapes, except they don’t work with electricity. Instead, you can activate them with a regular lighter or with matches. 

Bongs have existed since ancient times and are a more traditional and authentic way to

enjoy cannabis. Read our comprehensive guide to bongs to dig deeper into the topic and become a cannabis expert.

Bongs vs. Vapes: Substances

Bongs use only dry herbs, specifically cannabis. Vapes can use various substances, including e-liquid, dry herbs, and concentrates. 

However, there are different vape devices for each type of substance. You can browse our online headshop to discover more vape and cannabis products and substances.

E-liquid is a complex chemical solution that contains various ingredients like PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), and food-based flavors. Most e-liquids contain nicotine. You can also find e-liquids with CBD or THC instead of nicotine and ones that are nicotine/cannabis-free.

When you compare cannabis vape juice with cannabis dry herbs, you will find the latter more potent. In addition, herbs are purer and safer because e-liquid has additional ingredients, some of which are harmful.


Bongs vs. Vapes: Heating

Bongs need only need water, herbs, and a tiny fire. Vapes require a lot more, including batteries and chargers. 

Because of this, vapes are more prone to damage, which can negatively affect your vaping sessions. However, this is avoidable with proper care of your vape.

One advantage of vapes over bongs is that they vaporize the substance instead of burning it. Whether dry herb, concentrate, or e-liquid, vapes use just enough heat to vaporize the substance, i.e., transform it into micro liquid drops. So, with vapes, you inhale vapor instead of toxic smoke.

On the other hand, bongs burn up and combust the herbs, creating pure smoke. They still stand healthier than regular smoking because the smoke filters through water before entering your lungs. The water smooths and cools out the hit, minimizing the risks of you inhaling toxic substances.

Bongs vs. Vapes: High and Flavor

One of the most defining aspects of bongs vs. vapes is the type of high they provide.

Hitting a bong means preparing yourself for a near-immediate and intense hit. That can be overwhelming for some cannabis lovers, specifically first-timers. But, an important thing to note is the high depends on the strain, the bong manufacturer, and how well you use the device. 

Vapes can also provide intense hits, but you must adjust wattage and choose a proper cannabis vape. But you can also lower wattage and choose e-liquid with less THC to get a weaker and softer hit. 

Besides being customizable, vapes also allow more experimentation with flavors. Plus, specific vapes can use multiple substances. So, you may use dry herbs one day and concentrates the next.

To conclude, the high you get depends on the strain, the device, and how you use it. Nonetheless, vapes offer more intense flavor than bongs and are more customizable for sensation.

Which to Choose?

Both bongs and vapes have their pros and cons. But in any case, they are safer than rolling papers because they provide a smoother hit. 

Since vapes are smaller and more portable, you can get your morning hit during a coffee break at work and hit your bong when you return home. 

However, if you want to pick between them, start by setting your priorities. Ask yourself questions like:

  • How high do I want to get?;
  • Do I need a smaller and more portable device?;
  • Am I ready to invest in gadgets and electronics like cartridges, batteries, and e-liquids?;
  • Do I want a more authentic experience or something customizable?;
  • Do I want to experiment with flavors?

Once you answer the questions above, you’ll have more idea of the advantages and disadvantages they provide, thus narrowing down your choices with ease!

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