Bubbler vs. Bong: Key Differences

Regarding smoking cannabis, users often question what kind of bong or pipe to use. Countless bongs may confuse even long-time cannabis smokers. When searching for the ideal pipe, numerous factors have to be considered. Every type of pipe has its look and way of functioning, and even though similar, they are all unique. From fixated downstems and water chambers to mouthpieces, all bongs differ. So let’s find out bubbler vs. bong differences.

In this head-to-head, we compare bubbler bongs with the typical bongs, intending to help you decide which one to choose. If you’re hesitating, keep reading this bubbler vs. bong article and find the most significant differences that will ease your decision.

Bubbler vs. Bong: Overall Look

A bubbler is more like a pipe than a bong based on size and look. These devices often come in a form where the mouthpiece is designed like the original sort of pipe, often called the “Sherlock pipe.” Since bubblers are smaller, they are easily transportable, and the usage process is quite undemanding, unlike bongs. 

On the other hand, bongs are more advanced and developed in terms of sophistication. They are larger and visually and functionally vertical, whereas bubblers are more compact and even designed to look like handheld pieces. Plus, you can use them horizontally. 

However, you can order a customized bong from any online headshop, where they design it with the shape, size, and material you like. 


Both smoking products have a simple use; however, it’s recommended that newbies read a guide to bongs before they use one. Since bongs are substantially bigger than bubblers, they have a wider space between the bowl and mouthpiece. This, coupled with the larger bowl, allows the smoker to enjoy longer hits, making it ideal for group gatherings.

On the other hand, the perc mechanism in bubblers cleans out the smoke and leaves the bubbly feeling and the enjoyable cannabis taste. The downstem is fixated, and the bubbler comes with several mouthpieces and a smaller bowl. 

Some bubblers occasionally feature a carb that allows air to be regulated, whereas traditional bongs usually don’t. Bongs can also include carbs; however, they frequently feature a detachable bowl that functions as a carb. 


A bubbler is smoother than a regular dry pipe, and the hit is ideal for newbies. The smoke is less prone to trigger coughing and gives a more flavoury taste. 

Bongs deliver bigger and even smoother hits, making them ideal for people who have been smoking for a long time. They produce a clean taste and have a cool element – you can see the cloud of smoke on the inside.

With bubblers, the diffusion is less complicated. Unlike some bongs with many percolators, most bubblers feature basic percs with two or three holes that generate a distinct chug. 

Additionally, bubblers are significantly quieter than bongs and are perfect if you want to smoke away from prying eyes.

Cleaning Process

A downside of bubblers is that they are more difficult to clean than bongs since they cannot be disassembled. 

Bubblers have set downstems that can’t be removed, making cleaning harder. They also get dirty faster, meaning you must change the water from the bowl more frequently.

On the contrary, you can clean each part of the bong separately. Detach the bowl and downstem, put them in the dishwasher, or rinse them with mild water.


The bubbler vs. bongs debate has been hot among cannabis lovers. Bubblers are simpler to use, whereas bongs give more substantial and flavorful hits. Ultimately, you choose based on your preferences. Those who travel often go for bubblers, while stay-at-home smokers prefer the classic bongs.

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