G Pen Connect Review: Pricing, User Options, Interface, and More 

Are you looking for a gadget that’ll revolutionize dabbing for you and give you exhilarating highs? Let us introduce you to G Pen Connect.

The G Pen Connect is an innovative device that replaces the traditional torch-and-nail method of dabbing. The battery-powered housing connects to your water pipe to give you a neat and elegant dabbing experience.

Our G Pen Connect review goes into all the details of the design and performance of the device that will help you decide whether it’s the right one for you. We’ll go over the interface, design, pricing, and battery life, so stick around!


What Is G Pen Connect and How to Use It?

The G Pen virtually remodeled dabbing with this original device that connects electronic vaporizers and traditional water pipes. Everyone who’s ever tried torching the nail and hitting it at just the right temperature is going to love the clean feel and easy use of the G Pen.

What’s in the box:

  • 850mAh battery
  • Tank
  • Housing
  • 3 replacement O-rings.
  • Micro USB to the USB charging cable
  • Male glass adapter (14mm)

Looking at all the pieces, you might feel overwhelmed by all the technical terms and specs. But after only one use, you’ll see how straightforward the whole system is. Let’s see how the G Pen Connect is activated and used once you’ve ordered it from an online headshop and unpacked it!

First, charge the battery. There’s a light sensor on it that turns green once it reaches full charge. 

Take the glass adapter, twist it on the bottom of the housing, and put it in your water pipe. The battery is magnetic, so once you bring it close to the attachment point on the housing, it will snap firmly in place.

Remove the cap on the housing and load it with your concentrate, about the size of a rice grain.

The battery has a standard operating system with 5 clicks to turn it on and off. There are 3 voltage settings to choose from – 3.1V blue, 3.6V green, and 4.1V red. You toggle between them with 3 clicks.

It takes 2 clicks to start the automatic heating, or you can press and hold for fifteen seconds for manual heating. If you’re new to this, it’s better to go with automatic heating.

Finally–start inhaling through the mouthpiece. You can hold the carb release button on the G Pen housing to increase airflow and inhale some clean air to clear the vapor in the pipe.  

G pen connect vaporizer

How to Clean the G Pen Connect Vaporizer 

It’s very easy to clean the device compared to other vaporizers because it’s only the bowl that needs cleaning. You should do it after each session while the tank is still hot and comes off pretty easily.

Use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol and scrub any residue in the bowl or the cap. You can also run it once without the concentration to burn any stubborn stains.

As long as you perform regular maintenance, the G Pen Connect will serve its purpose for a long time!


G Pen Connect pairs with any glass water piece with its glass adapter. It comes in the regular 14 mm size that fits the majority of water pipes. But, you can also find 10mm and 18mm adapters that are sold separately.


Our G Pen Connect review would be pointless without addressing the qualities of this innovative vaporizer.

The G Pen Connect features a ceramic bowl that keeps the flavor intense and pure. It is made of quality materials – stainless steel, quartz lining, and glass.

The system uses magnetic connectors on the cap and battery, which makes it super easy to assemble and ensures that everything stays in place.

The biggest benefit for us is the precision of the heating process–the kind you cannot achieve with the traditional blow-torch technique. It gives you consistent flavor and cloud output and a more enjoyable dabbing experience!

It is compatible with wax concentrate, though users have also paired it with different types of dab.


The G Pen Connect has a distinct Grenco design with a matte metal finish and sleek appearance. It is a bit rounded on the edges, which adds to the convenience of handling.

The battery is the largest component and is a bit heavy. If your water piece is small and light, the weight of the battery can tip the pipe over. So, make sure you pair it with a quality water pipe to get the best out of the device.  


The G Pen Connect is offered at a price of $199.95US, which is a solid price compared to its features and functionality.

Also, this vaporizer will save you the cost of buying a new e-rig. It connects to your existing water piece and gives you the ultimate e-rig experience!  


The G Pen Connect offers the standard 3 settings of voltage.

The lower two temperatures produce a good amount of vapor and pristine flavor. Plus, the fact that the cloud runs through water makes the experience much smoother.

The third voltage produces a lot of vapor and heat. It won’t cause any burns, but it can be a bit harsh on the throat.

Battery Life 

The G Pen Connect features an 850 mAH battery, which is quite powerful and allows for multiple sessions before it runs out. On average, it’s about 10-15 sessions per charge.

It heats up the concentrate in about 5 seconds, which is very quick compared to other vaporizers. Keep in mind that it uses more energy if you’re running it at the highest voltage or repetitive manual heating. Using the first two voltage settings will make it last for days.   

How Long Does the G Pen Connect Take to Charge?

It takes an hour or two for the battery to charge completely. Considering it can last for a day or two depending on the number of sessions and voltage preference, this isn’t something to complain about!

Overall Experience

The G Pen Connect is an innovation in the world of vaporizers that connects traditional pipes with the latest e-rig technologies. It eliminates all the hassle of using blow torches to fire up your dab and offers precise heating temperatures.

We love the clean and consistent experience it provides and would recommend it as a cost-efficient transition to e-rigs.

We hope our G Pen Connect vaporizer review will help you make the safest bet on whether the G Pen Connect is right for you! 

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