G-pen Dash Review: Another Extraneous Entry

The G-pen Dash has been taking over the vaporizer market and for a good reason.

With its simplicity, budget-friendly price, sleek design, and convenience of use, the G-pen Dash has been the number one choice for beginner and experienced vapers.  

In this detailed G-pen dash review we will share everything you need to know about the device in terms of quality, design, pricing, temperature, and battery life. 


How to Use G-pen Dash?

When you first purchase the G-pen Dash at an online headshop, you’ll need to register the device’s serial number (located at the bottom). Before using it, ensure the device charges fully so the battery does not malfunction. You will know the Dash is full when it stops flashing its light. 

The other steps include:

  • Take off the mouthpiece and place the dry herbs inside the chamber. 
  • Put the mouthpiece back and press the power button 5 times to turn the Dash on.
  • Once the heating activates, adjust the temperature and press three times – and it’s ready!

Press the button for two seconds once you finish vaping. You can turn off the device, too – just press the button 5 times,


The G-pen Dash takes pride in its simple and user-friendly interface. The device is convenient and can be operated with the usual three and five taps of the button. Loading the vape is also a straightforward process thanks to the magnetic mouthpiece. Like other G-pen devices, the Dash also has a key-chain poker tool to stuff and remove the bowl. 


Whilst the G-pen Dash cannot compete with the Mighty, it still performs fabulously for its price. The generated flavor is rich, the vapor is smooth, and the clouds are generous and dense.
You won’t have to worry about burning your lips, either – the G-pen Dash offers an enlarged mouthpiece design to cut all burning risks. 

With solid quality at hand, the device is a great choice for lovers of simple yet efficient dry herb vaporizers on a budget.


The G-pen Dash design is practical and neat. It is small enough for your pocket and can fit inside any bag which makes it the utmost on-the-go device, Although it is lightweight, it can still pack powerful punch and flavor. 

The key elements of the G-pen Dash include:

  • A mouthpiece. Thanks to its magnetic properties, the Dash is super simple for attaching and removing vaporized material from the chamber. 
  • A heating chamber. The device uses stainless steel with a glass finish which is great for heating.
  • The body. Due to its aluminum composition, the G-pen Dash body is lightweight and long-lasting. 


The G-pen Dash boasts an affordable price of less than $100. Given its practicality, power and generous clouds, and filling, the vape makes a superb bang for your buck. 


The G-pen Dash temperature settings allow users to set their preferred temperature by including 3 distinct temperature settings. The minimum temperature you can set is 375° F or 190° C, while the highest is 428°F or 220°C. 

Battery Life

G-pen uses an integrated 950 mah lithium battery that can last between 8 and 10 sessions, depending on the vaping intensity and duration. The LED lights show an approximation of the battery capacity. 

  • Three lights = 80–100% charging 
  • Two lights = 60–66% charging 
  • One light = 30–33% charging. 

The G-pen Dash is closer to resembling an electronic cigarette than a regular dry herb vaporizer. 

Overall Experience

All in all, the G-pen Dash is a lightweight vape that offers an expensive feel but an affordable cost. Newbies will love it since it is a great way to get introduced to vaping. Using the device is quite straightforward, whereas the vaping experience is smooth, temperature-controlled to each user’s preferences – and rich in flavor. 


Does the G-pen Dash smell?

Yes, G-pen Dash will produce some smell, though far from strong or intense. If you are vaping indoors, the smell won’t linger and soak into your furniture.  

How portable is the G-pen Dash?

The G-pen Dash is ergonomic and a size larger than a USB stick. It is a portable device that fits in a bag or your pocket. The design is smooth and appealing and allows you to make the most of it when traveling, at home, or in the office. 

How to clean the G-pen Dash?

Cleaning the G-pen Dash is important to increase the device’s longevity and remove debris.
For best results, clean it immediately after vaping with isopropyl alcohol. Ensure you remove all particles. Otherwise, they might end up clogging the device. For more detailed cleaning, take the screen off the mouthpiece, and soak it in ISO. let the Dash air dry before your next session. 

How long should I charge the G-pen Dash?

Typically, the device will need between 1-3 hours to charge fully. After charging it completely, the battery will last between 8-10 sessions.

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