G-pen Elite 2 Review: Interface, Quality, Pricing, Benefits and More

The Grenco Science G Pen Elite 2 is a compact dry herb vaporizer. As a vaping essential, it offers numerous improved functions and designs to enhance your vaping experience. 

The G Pen Elite 2 doesn’t vary much from its predecessor and boasts the same simple and mechanically efficient design. 

The Elite 2 vaporizer has a sleek design with an easy-to-read high-resolution screen. making it a breeze to use. It offers several different button options that help you navigate through the device, control the temperature and turn it on and off. Its practical size and fair cost are some of the assets that make the G-pen Elite 2 a favorite among vapers of all levels. 

To learn more about it, read our detailed G Pen Elite 2 review and see why the device might be your best pick. 



When it comes to the user interface, the G-pen Elite 2 offers many functions you can experiment with. The G Pen Elite 2 interface is user-friendly and can be managed easily, even by beginners. The device comes in a smaller size, which makes it easy to carry around and fits any pocket. 

Getting started with the G-pen Elite 2 is smooth. On its TFT screen, the device offers five buttons that let you control all main settings. These include controlling the temperature, screen brightness, the convention boost, and the ability to switch the degrees between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Updating the vape as a whole is also available. 

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In terms of product quality, one of the G-pen Elite 2’s stronger assets is that it protects your lips from burning when vaping. Also, the G-pen Elite 2 offers Wi-Fi connectivity, making it easy to use wherever you are. This feature also allows for regular firmware and monitoring. The vape works best with dry herbs. The mouthpiece of the device is a set of three parts, including the outer zirconia shell, the inner silicone sleeve, and the Zirconia helix designed to prolong your hits. 

To heat the herbs, the G Pen Elite 2 uses hybrid heating, providing you with a superb vaping session. It packs a lot of flavors and doesn’t burn or waste much product in the process. 


Whilst the G-pen Elite 2 has many useful features and is convenient for new users, some users might find it to be over their vape budget. Typically, the vape cost starts from $179 and above.  Though some might declare it slightly overpriced, the smoking experience of the Elite 2 offers rich smoke clouds, satisfying drags, and enhanced flavor.  


Another reason why the G Pen Elite 2 is so attractive is due to its overall temperature adaptability. Choose the preferred temperature by using the device’s specific temperature controls. 

The vape offers draw-activated temperature control, and moderate haptic feedback. Similar to its predecessor, the G Pen Elite 2 provides various temperature levels to make your vaping experience pleasurable. The minimum achievable temperature of the device is 93 degrees Celsius, whereas the maximum temperature stands at 221 degrees Celsius. 

Given the choices, users can either vape gently for optimum flavor or crank the device up to boost the experience and dry herb extraction.

Gpen elite 2 portable dry vaporizer

Battery Life

The G Pen Elite 2 battery has been slightly modified compared to its predecessor and has an output decrease from the initial 2200mAh to 2100mAh battery. But, the G Pen Elite 2 now supports USB-C charging, whereas the battery gives you roughly an hour of uninterrupted usage. 

The device uses a TFT screen which indicates the Dash’s current status, the temperature used, and battery expectancy. This aside, the screen also allows insights into the vaping session duration, haptic feedback, turn off/on convection boost, and brightness. Finally, you can also choose your preferred temperature display, be it in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

Overall Experience

Based on the findings of our G Pen Elite 2 Vaporizer Review, the device allows you a richer and more wholesome vaping experience. Every aspect of the device has been improved for greater vape satisfaction. Slight improvements can be seen in the wider Elite 2 bowl, the refined screen, the practical USB-C charging connector, and the latest zirconia spiral air passage.

Other user favorites concerning the device include its small and neat size, easy-to-control buttons, and simple interface. The device comes without accessories, heats up too fast, and has a short-lived battery which some users might dislike. If you’re just starting to vape and want a steady and easy-to-use vaporizer, the G-Pen Elite 2 is a great choice.


How do I use My G Pen Elite 2?

Using the G-pen Elite 2 is straightforward and simple. The device operates on three buttons – one for power and two for adjustments. This makes managing it simpler for beginner vapers. Make sure to fully charge your device before using it. Remove the zirconia mouthpiece and add a moderate cannabis grind to the 0.5g bowl. You can also adjust the temperature and start or stop the heating by double-clicking the power button after holding it for three seconds.

What makes the G Pen Elite 2 unique?

What makes the G Pen  Elite 2 stand out is its slender appearance, robust design, and high-tech dual heating. These cutting-edge methods enable a greater encounter by allowing the user to access all the effects and aromas of the cannabis flower.

How to clean the G Pen Elite 2 mouthpiece?

Before cleaning, ensure that the device has been off for a longer period. Next, clean the silicone component with isopropyl alcohol applied to a cotton swab. Also, don’t forget to wipe the area surrounding the mouthpiece’s air flow opening and the interior walls of the gadget. Dy off any remaining isopropyl in the gadget. Just set it to the highest temperature before reusing it. 

How long should I charge the G Pen Elite 2?

Typically, the Elite 2 will charge in no longer than 90 minutes. In terms of battery life, the device will work for a maximum of 60 minutes. 


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