G-pen Micro Plus Review: Best Guide for 2023

The G-Pen Micro Plus concentrate vaporizer has a solid and sturdy design. Consider it the perfect choice for on-the-go and outdoor vaping. A compact device, the G-Pen comes with added features. Such is its smart-chip technology that doesn’t overheat the concentrate, yet ensures an amazing device performance and vaping experience.  

Read our G-pen Micro Plus review to see why this is the right vape for you before going to your online headshop for the best deals and more bang for your buck.  



The G-Pen Micro Plus is 3.5” tall and 1” wide. This gives you a good feel when holding it – compact and portable. It comes with a well-designed case that has cushioned room for the pen, and extra room for the charger, loading tool, and a few other accessories.

Upon purchasing the product, the package will feature the following:

  • Battery (Variable Voltage + 510 Threading)
  • Tank
  • Mouthpiece Assembly (Silicone Mouthpiece + Tank Cover)
  • Keychain/Loading Tool
  •  USB to USB-C Charging Cable
  • The G-Pen Micro+

The G Pen Micro+ tank is made of stainless steel with a ceramic heating space and quartz liner. The quality materials ensure even heat distribution for significant vapor production and a flavorsome vaping experience.

The mouthpiece is made of a soft and smooth food-grade silicone cover that makes drawing a breeze. It also works as a casing for the fitted ceramic air path – easy to disassemble for cleaning and regular upkeep.   

G-Pen Micro Features

  • Ceramic atomizer
  • Cartridge compatible
  • Three voltages (low = blue, medium = green, high = red)
  • Manual heating
  • Battery 850mAh
  • USB-C charging
  • Haptic feedback
  • Portable and discreet
  • Complementary vape case
  • Suitable for shatter

To use, charge the G-Pen Micro Plus. A LED light turns red as it charges, and green when done. 

Click 5X to turn it on/off. Press 3X to skip through the heat settings: low = blue, medium = green, and high = red. To connect to a 510 cartridge, blue is 2.5 volts, green is 2.75 volts, and red is 3 volts.

After you’ve decided on the desired heat, remove the mouthpiece to load the concentrate into the chamber. The concentrate is the size of a rice grain or smaller to ensure even heat. It is also compatible with dabs, wax, or shatter.

Hold the power button to activate manual heating. The light turns on during heating and freezes as it reaches the chosen temperature. For automatic heating, press the button twice. 

Now you can draw and enjoy any concentrates. The active heating will continue for 10 seconds after the draw and the device turns automatically off after 5 inactive minutes. The device has haptic feedback and vibrates when it reaches the set temperature.

To connect to a 510 cartridge, remove the mouthpiece and put the cartridge on. It connects well with THC or CBD cartridges.  


G-pen Micro+ has standard 3 levels of pre-set heat. But, what makes it stand out is the smart chip technology. Monitoring the temperature in the coil once you turn on the device, the G-pen Micro doesn’t allow the coil to overheat and burn the concentrate. 

This way, the G-pen delivers consistent clouds and keeps the full concentrate flavor. You are safe from tasting burnt wax or too hot draws.  


G-pen Micro+ is a sleek device made of fine material. The stainless steel body feels great in your hand and offers maximum insulation. The threaded system is easy to disassemble and put back again, making for a high-end product. 

The soft silicone mouthpiece remains cool, adding a luxurious tone to the vaping experience. There is a decent amount of vapor output, and the flavor remains untarnished thanks to the ceramic tank and quartz lining.  

Battery Life

The 850mAh battery requires 90 minutes for a full charge. It gives up to 20 vaping sessions before running out of power.

The pass-through USB-C charger gives you additional freedom to charge it from different power sources.


The G-Pen Micro Plus price is around $80, a great deal for such a flexible vaporizer. It has a superb design with features far more useful than what you can find among competitors. 


How to clean the G-pen Micro+?

Disassemble the device first. Remove the ceramic air paths from the silicone mouthpiece sleeve and use isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab to remove residue. Twist off the tank and clean it the same as the other parts. 

How to connect another cartridge to the G-pen Micro+?

G-pen Micro+ is compatible with 510 cartridges. Simply remove the mouthpiece, unscrew the tank, and twist on the 510 cartridges. 

How long does the G-pen Micro+ last?

Usually, you will be able to use the device for 8-10 sessions before you need to recharge it. Monitor the LED lights changing to keep track of the battery life. 

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