How To Clean a Vaporizer: The Big Guide for 2023

Did you know that vaping is increasing in popularity and usage of e-cigarettes skyrocketing? As such, it’s no surprise that many Americans like to vape and use vaporizers. The numbers are especially high among younger generations. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 make are more likely to vape than older age groups. 

Increased usage of vaporizers means that regular maintenance is needed to keep the products in good shape. So how to clean a vaporizer? This article goes over all the ways you can clean your vaporizer and includes instructions for each method.

Why Frequently Cleaning Your Vaporizer Is Important

Depending on how often you use your vaporizer from an online headshop, you may have to come up with a personalized cleaning routine. After all, proper maintenance is essential, so the first thing on the agenda is to determine how often it gets dirty. 

While it is important to learn how to clean a vaporizer, it’s also vital to know why it needs to be cleaned often.

When warm condensation accumulates in the vaporizer, a sticky residue will start to build up. This leads to slower performance as the airways get clogged. 

It starts off with you receiving less air quality until it gets bad enough that no air is able to pass through at all. Cleaning the device only when it gets to this stage will take a toll on the vaporizer and decrease its lifespan. 

Maintenance on a regular basis is needed if you want your oil or dry herb vaporizers to last a long time. The cleaning methods you can use differ in the liquid or substance that is used as the primary cleaning agent. 

Clean Your vaporizer With Warm Water

For this method, you will need some warm water in a bowl, a towel, and a few paper towels by your side. The bowl the water is in should be large enough to fit the entire vaporizer, but you must first dismantle your device. Remove the tank parts and soak them in the water for a few minutes.

The heat of the water should successfully loosen any hard, sticky residue built up in the vaporizer. Once they’ve been in there for about 5 minutes, you can use the paper towels to wipe away the residue. 

The pieces should then be removed and placed on a soft towel and be allowed to air dry for about 20 minutes. Make sure they are fully dry before assembling them again.

Use Vodka to Effectively Clean Your Vaporizer

When looking for ways how to clean a vaporizer, isopropyl alcohol is often recommended, but vodka might be a more effective way. This is primarily because it contains both water and ethanol. 

The tank or chamber pieces and mouthpiece should be placed in a bowl where you will pour vodka. As they soak for a few minutes, you can use a cotton swab or soft brush to gently clean away the gunk stuck inside. 

Take them out and leave them to dry fully before putting them back together. This method offers faster cleaning time, and the alcohol also acts as a great disinfectant. 

Clean Your Vaporizer With Vinegar Solutions

Vinegar is a very handy cleaning agent that can be used for scrubbing down virtually anything. A great benefit to using it is that it can get rid of any odor left behind from using dry herb vaporizers. White vinegar is the preferred solution for this. 

Fill up a bowl with white vinegar and place the parts of your vaporizer into it. Vinegar is also useful for cleaning the coils of your vaporizer, so you can add those too. This method will be time-consuming, as it takes at least 30 minutes. You can scrub the dirt off with a cotton swab before taking the pieces out and letting them dry.

Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Vaporizer

In any guide to vaporizers, baking soda is not discussed often enough as a viable cleaning solution. Baking soda is a mild alkali, making it a very strong cleaning agent used for:

  • Cleaning showers and tubs
  • Unclogging sinks
  • Breaking down grease and grease stains
  • As an all-purpose cleaner
  • Your laundry. 

In a bowl of warm water, add a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it well. Leave your vaporizer pieces to soak for just a minute before using a brush to clean them. The solution should help get rid of all dirt and odor out of your vaporizer. 

Purchase a Well-worth Vaporizer to Clean Less Often

While cleaning is recommended for any kind of vaporizer, those made of higher-quality materials tend to require less cleaning on average. When looking for better quality dry herb vaporizers, you can significantly cut your search time by looking for:

  • Brand name
  • Overall popularity
  • Licenses and certificates

The brands you want to look out for are those that are certified and licensed. That way, you are sure they have been tested for safety and overall quality. Read product reviews from multiple sources to gauge the overall satisfaction rating of other vape consumers. 

Using a Vaporizer After It’s Been Cleaned

After cleaning your vaporizer, regardless of which solution is used, it’s best to turn it on to run for a few minutes on its own. Set it to one of the lower temperature values, as long as it’s not higher than 290 F, and leave it on for about 5 minutes. 

The purpose of this is to make sure the tank and all the other components are fully dry and have no residue left from the cleaning agents used. Once that’s done, your vaporizer will be ready for its next use.


In this article, we have detailed numerous ways how to clean a vaporizer and why each solution works. Whether you use vodka, vinegar, baking soda, or just plain warm water, these methods have been proven to their effectiveness. 

Of course, purchasing a quality vaporizer is just as crucial, and there are plenty of guides to vaporizers to help narrow down your search. So, have fun, and remember to take good care of your new vape!

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