How To Hit a Bong Like an Expert in 2023

Bongs are a great way of having fun whether you’re with a group of friends or alone. Many smokers use different bongs, and their demand is becoming bigger. One thing that gives the best thrills when you hit a bong is that you have perfect control over how much smoke you consume. 

However, learning how to smoke can be challenging for newbies since not every bong is simple to use. Some even have exciting tricks you can use to use the water pipe like an expert. 

In this article, we’ll help you master cannabis smoking through a bong and teach you some techniques that will be useful for you. Keep reading this expert guide to learn how to hit a bong like a pro.

Educate Yourself About Bongs

People say that you can best learn something with practice, which applies to bongs. To become a pro smoker, you must first understand how the bong functions. If you don’t know how to prepare it beforehand, smoking for the first time might seem perplexing. 

So, before you start smoking, try reading some guides on hitting a bong. You may also consult with some more experienced friends in the cannabis field to help you out in the matter. 

Additionally, you may search for bongs for beginners because these can be customized to your liking and preferences. Usually, shops design these beginner bongs with bubble bases that create a smooth and cough-free hit.

Prepare The Bong Properly

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t inhale the smoke as you should at first. With practice, you’ll be able to draw smoke consistently and achieve a perfect hit every time. Find some online headshop, purchase a suitable bong for beginners, and follow the instructions below.

Put Water in The Bong

You start by adding water to the bong. The right amount of water to add is usually determined by the size of the bong. However, keep an eye out not to overfill it with water because you can get sprayed while smoking. An adequate amount would cover about 1 inch of the downstem in the water. 

The correct way to pour the water into the bong is through the mouthpiece, letting it flow directly to the water chamber. If the bong is larger, ensure that a good amount of the downstem is immersed in fresh, clean water. 

Don’t forget to change the water regularly to keep the bong clean and germs-free.

Fill The Bowl With Cannabis

Prepare your cannabis by grinding it. You can do this with your fingers, scissors, or a special herb grinder. Break off a few bigger pieces that are around 0.2 inches long and wide and stuff them into the bong’s bowl. To get the best possible experience, fill the bowl with 2 or 3 cannabis buds. 

If you decide to use a grinder, insert the cannabis into it, close the top, and rotate it back and forth. This way, you get nicely ground cannabis, almost powdered, resulting in quality and smooth hits.

We recommend not overfilling the bong with cannabis since a crammed bowl will make it hard to inhale smoothly. Additionally, if it is packed tighter, air will not be able to pass through, and part of it may fall out.

Light The Bowl

Using your non-dominant hand to grab your bowl and secure it in place is best. Before taking a hit, you want to ensure you’ve correctly placed your lips on the mouthpiece. There should be an air-tight seal so that the air doesn’t escape. 

If you’re new to smoking, you may find it difficult to inhale without coughing at first. Avoid large hits as you might not be able to breathe in all the smoke at once.

Ignite the lighter with your free hand and light the bong while holding it vertically. This section will require some practice. To avoid taking too big of a hit, try igniting only a small amount of the herb at once. 

Tilt your lighter and direct the flame to the bowl, but ensure that it only touches the edge of the cannabis in the bong.  

Inhale and Enjoy

Once you get it going, remove the flame, but keep inhaling to bring smoke to the chamber, not your lungs. When you’re pleased with the amount of smoke the bong’s produced, remove the bowl, so you have ideal airflow making it simple to consume all the smoke you’ve drawn up to the chamber and breathe in. 

And that covers it! Now you know how to hit a bong like an expert. 

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