How To Make a Homemade Bong With 6 Simple Steps in 2022

how to make a homemade bong

Did the old-school way of smoking weed get boring? Are you looking for a cheap and amusing method to experiment with your favorite cannabis strain? But how to make a homemade bong?

In that case, we have the remedy for you! With some creativity, you can craft your homemade bong and experience one of the most exciting ways to consume cannabis without spending a fortune.

The good news is that you can craft your new bong with minimal household supplies and experience a next-level high in no time. We know it sounds too good to be true, but this process is more straightforward than you imagine.

Let us guide you through the entire process and teach you how to make a homemade bong with six simple steps. 

How To Make a Homemade Bong? 

There’s nothing worse than craving a puff only to realize you don’t have the necessary equipment like a bong, pipe, or rolling papers

Crafting a homemade bong is not as complicated as it seems initially—it just takes time to learn the procedure correctly. 

We all had that genius friend at college house parties who knew how to make a homemade bong from an old plastic bottle. So, now we’ll guide you on how to make your plastic bottle bong. And if you want to go the extra mile and further amp up your cannabis experience, you should try crafting a gravity bong

However, we recommend this homemade bong as a temporary solution; save some money and invest in an actual bong device from an online headshop

Follow the six steps outlined below and hit a bong in less than ten minutes:

Firstly, gather the following materials: 

  • Your favorite cannabis strain;
  • Clean plastic bottle;
  • A small tube(like a highlighter pen);
  • A pin; 
  • Aluminum foil;
  • Lighter

Beginners can have a hard time adjusting to this way of consuming weed. However, it’s a matter of practice, and you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

You can find a variety of bongs depending on your smoking experience. The most popular size of a bong is the medium bong. 

However, for inexperienced smokers, we suggest the small size. Usually, they are less tolerant of high THC levels, and we recommend they consider small bongs for beginners

Step 1: Fill Your Bottle With Water

Firstly, take an empty bottle and fill a quarter of it with tap water that will act as a filter for your smoke. Pick a larger bottle and get a lot out of little if you want an unforgettable experience and get a bigger hit. 

Step 2: Create a Carb Hole

Use a knife, pen, or another sharp object and create a tiny, round hole below the neck of the plastic bottle. We refer to this small hole as the carb hole you’ll control with your finger to prevent the smoke from escaping. 

Step 3: Make a Downstem

Make another hole below the neck of the bottle and above the waterline to form a downstem. To fit your hollowed tube, create a large enough hole. Then, attach your tube with the hole at an angle that allows the water to submerge inside the bottle. 

A note: When the hole is larger, the downstem is loose, and if it’s smaller, it may be challenging to push the stem through. So, try to create an appropriate hole that fits the pen. 

Step 4: Use a Highlighter To Create The Downstem and Craft The Bowl

First, empty the highlighter’s center with scissors or any other sharp object, and use only the plastic tube. Then, take the aluminum foil and shape it around the bottle. Poke five to six tiny holes in the foil and slowly press the foil into the tube.  

Step 5: Slip The Downstem Through The Hole

In this step, you should slip the downstem through the second hole and submerge it into the water. You don’t need a cap for this bong; therefore, feel free to remove it, and you can start enjoying it. 

Step 6: Try Out Your New Homemade Bong and Enjoy!

To make the device highly functioning, use your finger to cover the first hole you made below the neck of the bottle. Then, remove the bottle’s cap and place your mouth on the bottle’s mouthpiece

As the lightning continues, inhale through the mouth. When the bottle is full of smoke, move the finger and breathe in the smoke. 

There are limitlessly possible ways to craft an affordable and functioning bong with your homemade supplies. Believe it or not, you can craft a plastic bottle bong, a gravity bong, or a fruit bong. 

How To Take Care of Your Homemade Bong

When a ring forms around the waterline, it is an alert to clean your bong. Bacterias, residue particles, and mildew can contaminate the water; therefore, we recommend cleaning your bong at least once a week. 

As mentioned, plastic bottles can additionally contaminate your water while heating. Therefore, don’t be thrifty; save some money, look for the best online headshops and invest in one. 

Possible Harmful Side Effects of Plastic Bottles

Before we introduce you to the whole process of crafting, we should warn you about a few safety concerns that might affect your general health. 

Another thing you should keep in mind is that this device contains plastic, and you’ll expose yourself to chemical byproducts that are not good for you. When heated, plastic bottles, also known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE), produce chemical components that leach into your system and cause permanent damage.

Few Words About Homemade Fruit Bongs

Besides apples, fruit bongs also work with pineapples, cucumbers, and pumpkins. Apples remain a favorite, and you will need only one of them and a pencil. 

Start by removing the apple’s stem and use some sharp object to pierce the top center of the apple halfway through. This hole has the same role as the bowl and downstem. 

Then, make a second hole on the side of the apple and aim for the center. The goal is for the holes to meet in the center; some call this hole “carburetor.” 

At the front of the apple, pierce another hole connecting with the previous ones to work as a tube. 

Place your favorite cannabis strain on the top of the apple and place your finger on the carb hole. Next, light the marijuana, put the tube hole in your mouth, and inhale. The fruit will begin filling with smoke, and when you feel like consuming it, release your finger and enjoy!


Now that you have a good fund of knowledge and are familiar with the basic steps in making bongs—what are you waiting for? It may seem like plenty of work, but there is nothing complex in crafting the homemade bong. 

Gather all the necessary supplies and follow our straightforward how-to guide. After this, prepare to experience a potent high and enjoy unforgettable hits!

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