How To Make a Plasma Bong: Step by Step Guide

Among all the cannabis consumption devices, the plasma bong takes the spotlight. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker eager to sprinkle more excitement into your smoking sessions, you cannot easily resist its advantages. 

What makes this bong so special is the plasma effect that appears when you heat the gas to an extended temperature. The gas then turns into a mixture of positive and negative particles that cancel each other out and neutralize the plasma.

When you turn off the lights, the light show looks like a firework, especially when you touch the wall with your finger and move. Every time you smoke, lights in many colors will go up, making it a true spectacle and one-of-a-kind experience.

The plasma bong is made of glass with double walls and requires electricity to work. You can find models with a wire or portable ones with batteries.

Step by Step Guide

While a crafty smoker can create a bong out of virtually anything, plasma bongs are an exception. To prevent hurting yourself, we suggest ordering one instead. However, we will walk you through each step to set it up.

To put together a plasma bong, you’ll need:

  • Plasma water pipe unit;
  • Mouthpiece;     
  • Main unit;
  • Wire;
  • Charger.

Your plasma bong may arrive with one or two mouthpieces. Usually, one is a straight pipe, and the other is a 45-degree-rotated one. In addition, portable models include a USB cable in the set you get. 

You can check different models of plasma bongs before buying one in many places, including a trusted online headshop. For more details on how to use a bong, skim through our guide to bongs for beginners available online for you.

Step 1

You got your plasma bong delivered, and you are now eager to try it. First, decide where you will unpack, usually the kitchen table, and clean the surface. Then, take out all the units from your package and put them on the surface.

Step 2

The main unit may vary depending on the manufacturer of the plasma bong. Some of them have one compact unit, while other models come in a few pieces that you should connect. We recommend you stick to the detailed instructions provided with your plasma bong pack.

Step 3

Once the base is ready, plug it in, put the glass bong on the top of the unit base, and switch it on. The plasma bong will immediately start busting with colors.

Step 4

Fill the bong with enough water to immerse the downstem entirely. That way, smoke can travel up to the mouthpiece and into your lungs.

Step 5

Put your weed in a bowl and light it up. After that, the weed will slowly begin releasing smoke. The smoke then begins to fill the bong. You may also add any other herbals at your disposal.

Step 6

Once the chamber has filled with smoke, it’s time to pull the downstem and inhale. Bring your lips to the mouthpiece. You’ll receive an exceptionally cooling and smooth hit.


A plasma bong allows smokers to spruce up their good old water bong and put a twist on their smoking sessions. And since it’s a highly versatile product, you can have it wired or battery-powered, with one or two mouthpieces—the options are abundant!

The only thing you’ll need for a light show is a new plasma bong and electricity. As a result, you’ll receive smoother and cooler smoke, which, in turn, will give you better and more potent hits!

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