Ispire Daab Review: Everything You Must Consider Before Buying It

Ispire Daab is the ultimate induction-heated dab rig with borosilicate glass cups that have replaced the regular conductive atomizer.

The Ispire Daab boasts a patent-pending carrier cup that allows for an exquisite dabbing experience. Discreet and portable, Ispire’s Daab allows you to enjoy the perfect hit anywhere, whenever you want, and at your preferred temperature. 

Since this particular dab rig has recently gathered so much attention among dab enthusiasts, a well-encompassed review was due. So, without further ado–let’s dab into the ins and outs of this all-inclusive dab rig in our comprehensive Ispire Daab review. 

Starting With the Basics

A dab rig consists of a mouthpiece, a bottom chamber, a ground joint, and a quartz banger. A lot of vaping newcomers confuse dab rigs with bongs, but there are quite a few differences that set the two apart. 

Namely, a mouthpiece on a dab rig is narrower and smaller than those on bongs. The bottom chambers on dabs are smaller and not intended to generate a hit like a bong would. 

Next up, the ground joints on e-rigs will typically have immobile downstems positioned upward to free room for the banger. When it comes to the banger, i.e., the bucket storing the dabs, dabs come with more-or-less standardized buckets, similar to those in bongs. Quartz, glass, and titanium are the most common materials used for dab rig bangers. 


Who Should Buy the Ispire Daab?

Everyone who prefers bongs can switch to dab rigs for a seamless, more potent, and enjoyable version of the gadget. Ispire’s e-rigs are a neat choice for weed enthusiasts looking for more flavorful yet mellow weed sessions. 

A well-equipped online headshop will carry the latest e-rigs, so you’ll probably be able to find the Ispire Daab at your local distributor, along with all of the dab accessories.

So, who should use the daab? Seasoned weed smokers can make the best use of Ispire’s dab rig if they favor having more control over the hit and multiple temperature options. 

On the other hand, vaping rookies may want to put it off their wishlist until they fully acquaint themselves with dab rigs due to the price point and functionality.

Now, let’s go over the selling points in our Ispire Daab review:

Ispire Daab Price

Ispire Daab launched at the beginning of 2022 and cost $299 when it first hit the shelves. However, despite its unmatched quality, the company wanted to make its products more competitive and available to wider audiences. 

Thus, Ispire Daab went through a cost reduction and is now priced at $249.99 with free US shipping.

Ispire Daab Packaging

Ispire Daab is a complex yet easily transportable vaping tool. You’ll get the Daab in a firm, sizeable Pelican case for utmost security. 

The reason for the rather sturdy construction of the packaging is that most parts of the Daab are made from glass, so such a design ensures maximum protection until the product reaches you. The packaging offers a nice, discreet way for you to transport it wherever.

Ispire Daab Build

Ispire’s Daab is comprised of four essential parts:

  • The base
  • The Daab reclaim cup
  • The Daab induction cup
  • The water chamber/glass mouthpiece. 

Ispire’s dab rig comes without an atomizer, a major perk weed fans relish. Besides the base, the rest of the dab is made from borosilicate. 

The Base

The base of Ispire’s dab rig is comprised of heavy-duty plastic that’s both durable and lightweight. Its design makes the gear fit nicely in the hand without being too bulky or heavy. 

The base part is where you’ll find the On/Off button, the LED screen, the temperature Up/Down buttons, and the USB-C charging port. The bottom of the base is the place where you can insert two removable 18650 batteries.

The Reclaim Cup

Ispire’s dab rig features a rather large cup made of borosilicate glass in the induction area. The cup represents a barrier preventing spillage inside the induction area so you can safely take your dab rig in your travel bag. 

The Induction Cup

The third part of Ispire’s dab rig is comprised of the borosilicate glass induction cup, internally layered with a stainless steel coating. The reason behind the composition is the option to attract electromagnetic waves through induction heating. 

The induction cup is where you deposit your weed concentrates before you move on to the reclaim cup and set the temperature. 

The Water Chamber/Glass Mouthpiece

This glass part of the dab is common in all e-rig vaporizers that run on water. Ispire’s dab rig comes with a fill limit on the water chamber to prevent overflows. Ispire uses high-grade glass that allows for better purification and percolation.

Daab Accessories

Other than the base items we mentioned earlier, the Ispire Daab comes with a few nifty dab accessories, like:

  • 3 Q-tips 
  • 1 loading tool 
  • 1 dab mat/mousepad with directions 
  • 1 USB-C charger
  • 2 alcohol (isopropyl) wipes
  • 1 spare induction cup
  • User manual.

Ispire Daab Electric Heating

Out of the many e- rigs on the market, Ispire is one of the few that offer a seamless heat transition from 0 to 800°F in whopping 38 seconds. 

The heating process begins with entering your preferred temperature and waiting for the screen to notify you the temperature has been reached. The heating part of the dab rig becomes heated by a running current, which is repelled by the stainless steel coating inside the inner cup. 

The level of security Ispire’s e-rig offers is what separates the brand from the others on the market. For instance, if you vape at 700°F, input the said temperature using the Up/Down buttons on the base of the rig. 

Ispire Daab Portability

Ispire Daab is one of those fancy e-rigs you can take anywhere with you. Due to the lightweight materials used for its design, as well as the compactness of the product, you won’t have an issue transporting your weed buddy from your place to anywhere else.

You can take the dab rig casing with you on any mode of transportation or simply carry it on you–its unobtrusive design will allow you such freedom.

Ispire Dab Rig Key Features

Ispire is known to deliver versatile and highly-functioning e-rigs. Some of the most prominent key features of an Ispire dab rig include the following:

  • Induction-heated banger cups
  • Borosilicate glass and vapor path
  • Changeable (rechargeable) batteries
  • USB-C charging
  • Bonus protective accessories.

Ispire Dab Rig Battery Life Review

The battery life of a dab rig can make or break a product for those who wish to enjoy their hit on the go. Ispire’s dab rig comes with two rechargeable batteries. The optimal charging voltage is set at 4.1-4.2V, so make sure to charge the batteries properly to make the most out of the rig.

Before using the dab rig, make sure you charge the batteries first, as you would with almost every electronic device. Fully charging the battery before the first use makes for an uninterrupted vaping experience and a long battery life. 

Fully charged batteries will give you more than an hour of vaping, whereas fully charging the batteries after completely draining them will take two and a half hours. 

How Does the Ispire Daab Compare to Other E-Rigs?

Although the Daab won’t produce massive clouds of vapor like other competitors on the market, it will generate a dense and super thick vapor. Thanks to the smaller-sized chamber, the vapor Ispire’s dab rig will give you will not be something less than superb.

Compared to similar products on the e-rig market, Ispire’s dab rig is packed with accessories and long-life batteries that not many others offer. Plus, the sturdiness of the casing is another addition to the pros of the rig.

How To Use the Ispire Daab?

Keep in mind that when your purchase comes, it won’t come assembled; you’ll have to put the parts together yourself. However, you won’t have to sweat over this too much, as our Ispire Daab review is here to help:

  1. Put the reclaim cup into the induction heater hole
  2. Fill the bubbler and put it above the reclaim cup
  3. Position the inner cup inside the bubbler
  4. Put the carb cap above the inner cup (optional).

Once the assembling is done, press the On/Off button five consecutive times. Choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius–the indicator light will flash red to notify you it’s all set. Once the desired temperature is reached, the flash will turn orange. 

To calibrate the right temperature for you, press on the Up/Down buttons–you can set it anywhere from 250 to 800 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.

How To Clean the Ispire Daab?

If you’re no stranger to vaping using e-rigs, then you know it’s good practice to clean the inner cup with a vape-cleaning stick after each vaping session. Should you notice the reclaim cup or the inner cup change color, add some pipe-cleaning solution you can purchase in a well-equipped online headshop

Add some of the cleaning liquid into the container and shake for close to a minute. Then, dispose of the liquid by rinsing it off with hot water. Any residue should be gone, leaving you with a clean dab rig for your next sesh.


Ispire Daab is an advanced dab rig encompassing every component needed for the ultimate vaping experience. While vaping beginners are free to give it a go, this potent e-rig is best for veterans who can handle a multitude of buttons and heat settings.

The price point is relatively high, so this definitely isn’t your regular everyday dab rig. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to invest in a vaping piece that’ll last you a while–Ispire Daab is the way to go.

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