Pipes vs. Bongs: Key Differences

There is not one unique smoking experience – it varies depending on your history and how often you practice. Nowadays, new smokers have more opportunities to start from, whereas cannabis connoisseurs can try out different options and experiment to their content. 

The dilemma that many have is where to start. From a bong used for centuries and still one of the favorites, or a pipe, a proven device among marijuana smokers? 

If this is you, don’t worry. Below you can find all you need about these two, how they work, and the differences between pipes vs. bongs.

So, let’s start with their description and functionality.


Despite the latest technologically advanced devices, the pipe is still popular for smoking tobacco or weed. A pipe is nothing but a small tube with a bowl on one end and an inhaling hole on the opposite one. They can be made of glass, ceramic, wood, or metal and come in different shapes – the spoon-like is the most recognizable.

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When you use a pipe for smoking, you put marijuana in the bowl, light it, and it’s ready for smoking. Be careful, though, because the smoke here travels a short distance before you inhale, without any filter on its way, so it’s harsher and not cooled.


A bong is probably the oldest but still a favorite among cannabis smokers. It is a long vertical tube with different shapes, usually made of glass, and a bowl going into the joint. You can find more details about bongs and the variety of shapes and techniques in an online guide to bongs.

The smoke of the combusted weed passes through the water pipe, where it gets cooler and filtrated. It takes a little bit more time to start smoking because the smoke travels the whole distance of the length of the tube. With a bong, hits are controlled and smoother.

Pipes vs. Bongs: Differences

The very first difference is the shape and size. Obviously, the pipe is smaller and easy to pack and carry with you. 

Secondly, smoke comes very fast to the mouthpiece when you smoke weed with a pipe because there isn’t any filtration on its way. This way, you can get your hit quickly and efficiently with no additional time to pass through the bong tube. Moreover, it works without water, giving you another advantage – adjusting the final effect with the quantity of the weed or mixing weed with tobacco.

Cleaning is also on the side of the pipe because it is small, so it is pretty easy to reach dirty surfaces.

When it comes to bongs, bigger tubes allow you to take a big THC hit every time and have a powerful high. Even with a smaller bong, you can still get a more effective hit than a pipe. 

The smoke you inhale with a bong also contains fewer toxins and is smoother and purer, which is why many prefer this type of weed smoking.


To make it simple, the bong is more suitable for you if you practice smoking at home. A smoother and cooler but a larger hit with a bong should satisfy your desire.

If you prefer on-the-go smoking and devices that are small enough to carry with you and easy to clean, then a pipe should be your choice.

However, beauty also comes with the possibility to experiment and have new experiences. So, be open and don’t stay on the first choice. Look around and try them both – you never know which one might do the trick for you.

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