14″ Kodos Stemless x Dome Showerhead Percs Water Pipe by Diamond Glass

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The 14″ Kodos Stemless x Dome Showerhead Percs Water Pipe by Diamond Glass is the epitome of style and functionality in a smoking accessory. Expertly crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass. This stemless bong boasts two showerhead percolators. And they work in tandem to deliver a smoking experience that is both smooth and flavorful.



The dome percolator of The 14″ Kodos Stemless x Dome Showerhead Percs Water Pipe provides an extra layer of filtration. This ensures a pure and satisfying hit every time. The bong’s comfortable flared mouthpiece and sturdy base offer comfort and stability, making it a pleasure to use.

Are you a seasoned smoker or just starting out? The 14″ Kodos Stemless x Dome Showerhead Percs Water Pipe by Diamond Glass is the perfect choice for anyone who values both style and substance in their smoking accessories. Check our online headshop and order with a simple button click!




Diamond Glass




Black, Blue Violet, Jade, Milk Blue, Milk Green, Pink, Slymegreen, Teal, Violet

Percolator Type

Dome Showerhead, Stemless Showerhead


Borosilicate Glass

Base Type

Round Thick Stable

Neck Type


Product Type

Bong and Water Pipe


  1. Lucas Kennedy (verified owner)

    The Kodos Water Pipe is a true masterpiece. The aesthetics alone are worth the purchase. The dome showerhead percs not only provide amazing filtration but also create a mesmerizing visual display as you inhale. It’s like a functional piece of art that elevates your smoking ritual.

  2. Donald Lara (verified owner)

    This water pipe strikes a balance between form and function. It’s sleek, and the stemless design is practical. The hits are smoother than silk, and the size is just right. My only gripe is that it can be a bit challenging to fill with water due to the percs, but it’s a minor inconvenience for an otherwise great piece.

  3. Corey Dotson (verified owner)

    This water pipe is a smooth operator! The stemless design adds to its simplicity and ease of use. The hits are consistent and cool. Just make sure to handle it with care; it’s not the most robust piece, but it’s worth it for the smoking experience.

  4. Maxim Sullivan (verified owner)

    This water pipe is a cloud machine! The showerhead percs are fantastic for diffusion, resulting in smooth and cool hits. The stemless design makes it easy to clean, and it’s great for group sessions. Just be cautious with the delicate glass; it’s not the sturdiest option out there.

  5. Safa Salinas (verified owner)

    The Kodos Water Pipe is like bringing nature indoors! The dome showerhead percs remind me of falling raindrops. Smoking from it is a meditative experience. Plus, it’s easy to clean, which is a bonus for those who enjoy outdoor sessions and adventures.

  6. Penelope Strong (verified owner)

    The Kodos Water Pipe is a dabber’s dream come true. The percolation system ensures that each hit is packed with flavor and potency. It’s like tasting the essence of your concentrates. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and it’s become the centerpiece of my dabbing setup.

  7. Todd Mcgee (verified owner)

    The Kodos Stemless Water Pipe is a work of art! The intricate design of the dome showerhead percs provides an unparalleled smoking experience. It’s like inhaling pure bliss. Plus, the 14″ size gives it a commanding presence on my coffee table. A true masterpiece by Diamond Glass.


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