Arcatek UFO Globe Water Pipe 14″



The Arcatek UFO Globe Water Pipe 14″ may be small in stature, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to filtering your water. The item’s gorgeous design is complemented by its unusual size. However, the real show begins within the imposing chamber, where a number of percolators put on a spectacular display. Each perc evenly distributes water bubbles throughout your strikes, reducing heat and removing harshness. The Arcatek UFO Globe has a rimmed mouthpiece for maximum comfort and a broad, round, solid foot for stability and longevity.

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The Arcatek UFO Globe Water Pipe 14″ is a work of art thanks to its slender, otherworldly shape and vibrant color accents. This glass bong is 14 inches tall and has a large chamber with several percolators to add cool, smooth bubbles to your hits.

If you stuff your 18.8 mm male bowl with your preferred dry herb, fire it up, and take a drag, you can observe the spectacular bubble activity in the glass chamber. The smoke you inhale will be filtered and dispersed as it travels up the bong’s neck and into the soft-rimmed mouthpiece.

Borosilicate glass is used to create the UFO Globe. The spherical base of this piece is extremely thick, making it strong and stable. Put it down on a level surface between puffs or while reloading the bowl without worrying about it toppling over. Hurry up to order from our online headshop!


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Clear Green, Clear Orange


Arcatek Glass




Borosilicate Glass

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Bong and Water Pipe

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Wide Round

Percolator Type

UFO Globe


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