Backwoods Red Downstem Honey Banger 14MM Male With Silicone Jar


The Backwoods Red Stemless Honey Banger is a premium dab rig accessory designed to enhance your dabbing experience. This stemless honey banger is crafted with both style and functionality in mind, featuring a sleek design and a 14MM male joint for compatibility with a variety of rigs. Additionally, the included silicone jar provides a convenient storage solution for your concentrates, ensuring that you have everything you need for an elevated dabbing session.


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Key Features:

Stemless Honey Banger Design: The stemless honey banger design of this accessory enhances the aesthetic appeal while providing functional benefits. The stemless design reduces the risk of breakage, and the honey banger shape is known for offering excellent heat retention and distribution for a satisfying dabbing experience.

14MM Male Joint: The stemless honey banger features a 14MM male joint, making it compatible with rigs that have a corresponding female joint. This standard sizing ensures versatility, allowing you to easily integrate the honey banger into your existing setup or find suitable rigs to pair with it.

Backwoods Red Color: The vibrant Backwoods Red color adds a touch of style to your dabbing setup. Whether you appreciate bold aesthetics or want to complement a themed rig, the red hue of this stemless honey banger stands out.

Convenient Silicone Jar: Included with the honey banger is a silicone jar for storing your concentrates. This jar is a practical addition, offering a non-stick surface that makes it easy to retrieve your concentrates without waste. The silicone material is durable and provides a secure storage solution for your favorite extracts.

Enhanced Dabbing Experience: The stemless honey banger design, paired with the 14MM male joint, contributes to an enhanced dabbing experience. The honey banger shape ensures efficient heat retention, allowing you to enjoy flavorful and satisfying dabs. The inclusion of a silicone jar adds convenience to your dabbing routine.

How to Use:

Attach to Rig: Insert the 14MM male joint of the stemless honey banger into the corresponding female joint on your rig. Ensure a secure connection to create a sealed and functional setup.

Prepare Concentrates: Place a small amount of your chosen concentrate into the silicone jar. The non-stick surface makes it easy to handle concentrates without wastage.

Heat the Honey Banger: Use a torch to heat the honey banger evenly. Heat the banger until it reaches the desired temperature for dabbing.

Dab and Inhale: Once the honey banger is heated, use a dab tool to apply your concentrate to the banger’s surface. Inhale through the rig to enjoy the vaporized concentrate.

Clean and Store: After your dabbing session, allow the honey banger to cool. Clean the banger with appropriate cleaning tools and store it for future use. The silicone jar is ideal for storing your concentrates between sessions.

Backwoods Red Stemless Honey Banger: Elevate Your Dabbing Setup!

The Backwoods Red Stemless Honey Banger with a 14MM male joint and included silicone jar is a stylish and functional accessory for enthusiasts who appreciate both aesthetics and performance in their dabbing setup. Enhance your dabbing experience with the stemless honey banger’s efficient heat distribution and the convenience of the silicone jar for storing concentrates. Elevate your rig with the Backwoods Red Stemless Honey Banger for a stylish and satisfying dabbing experience. Order from our online headshop, Olofly!





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