Bear Quartz Pro Male Banger


For those who demand the utmost precision and control in their dabbing experience, the Bear Quartz Pro Banger is the ultimate choice. Crafted with a full weld joint, flat bottom, and beveled top, this banger combines innovation and quality to deliver an unparalleled dabbing experience.


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Full Weld Joint:

One of the standout features of the Bear Quartz Pro Banger is its full weld joint. Unlike traditional bangers with separate joints that can be weak points, the full weld joint ensures maximum durability and heat retention. This feature makes it ideal for high-temperature dabbing, providing long-lasting performance.

Flat Bottom for Even Heating:

The flat bottom design of this banger is perfect for achieving consistent and even heating of your concentrates. With a flat surface area, heat is distributed uniformly, eliminating hotspots and ensuring that every bit of your concentrate is vaporized efficiently. This results in a smoother, more flavorful dabbing experience.

Beveled Top for Precise Airflow:

The beveled top of the Bear Quartz Pro Banger is not just for aesthetics; it’s a functional component that enhances your control over airflow. This precision bevel allows you to adjust the airflow and vaporization speed to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer low-temperature dabs for flavor or high-temperature dabs for potency, this banger can accommodate your needs.

Optimal Sizing:

With an outer diameter of 25mm and an inner diameter of 19mm, this banger strikes the perfect balance between versatility and efficiency. The inner diameter is spacious enough to handle a variety of concentrates, while the smaller outer diameter ensures compatibility with a wide range of dab rigs and accessories.

Built to Last:

Durability is a hallmark of the Bear Quartz Pro Banger. Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring the full weld joint, this banger is built to withstand the rigors of regular use and exposure to high heat. It’s designed to last, providing you with a reliable and long-lasting dabbing solution.

Versatile Compatibility:

Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or a novice, this banger offers versatility and compatibility with various dab rigs and setups. It’s suitable for a wide range of concentrates and allows you to experiment with different dabbing techniques.

Upgrade Your Dabbing Experience:

Elevate your dabbing game with the precision and quality of the Bear Quartz Pro Banger. Experience the benefits of even heating, precise airflow control, and long-lasting durability. This banger is designed for those who demand the best from their dabbing equipment, and it delivers on every front.

Unlock the FuWith the Bear Quartz Pro Banger, you can unlock the full potential of your concentrates. Enjoy smoother, more flavorful hits with every dab. Upgrade your dab rig setup and experience the next level of dabbing satisfaction. Order from our online headshop, Olofly! ll Potential of Your Concentrates.




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