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The Focus V Carta Laser Edition Vaporizer pushes the boundaries between science and science fiction, featuring exotic day-glow designs that evoke an electric aesthetic. This is not merely a new paint job; the Carta Laser Edition redefines the e-rig with LED lights in the base, illuminating two-toned glass bubble tops for a psychedelic aesthetic reminiscent of early ’90s R&B, rave culture, punk, and funk. But it’s not just about the look – it’s a lifestyle, backed by all the features you love about the original Carta: four comprehensive presets, customizable temperature/duration settings, Bluetooth connectivity, removable/rechargeable batteries, an Everlast atomizer, a day-glow Laser Edition base, matching colored silicone tether, and a two-tone Laser Edition glass top, all presented in a snug carrying case.


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Key Features:

LED Illumination: LED lights in the base create an illuminated glass top, providing an unmatched psychedelic aesthetic.

Fluorescent Colored Base: The base features vibrant fluorescent colors, enhancing the overall visual experience.

Two-Tone Glass Top: The glass top boasts a two-tone design, complementing the day-glow Laser Edition base for a striking appearance.

Snug Carrying Case: The vaporizer comes with its snug carrying case, ensuring portability and protection for your Carta Laser Edition.

Everlast Atomizer: Equipped with the Everlast atomizer for long-lasting performance, ensuring durability and efficiency.

Portable E-Rig with Desktop Performance: The Carta Laser Edition delivers desktop-level hits without compromising on portability, providing a versatile and powerful dabbing experience.

Customizable Removable Glass Top: The ergonomic design allows for a fully customizable removable glass top, making it easy to pack up and hit the road.

Bluetooth Connectivity: The smart rig offers Bluetooth capabilities, essential for working with the Carta App, unlocking a range of features.

Precise Temperature Control: The Carta App allows for temperature control to the single degree, ensuring a customized and optimal vaping experience.

Haptic Feedback: The vaporizer provides haptic feedback, keeping you aware of its status during use.

Dab Counter and Remote Control: Accessible through the Carta App, offering a dab counter and remote control functionality for added convenience.

Elevate your vaping journey with the Focus V Carta Laser Edition Vaporizer – a fusion of functionality, aesthetics, and quality for a superior dabbing experience. (Note: The carrying case is included; G Pen Elite Vaporizer not included.) Order from our online headshop, Olofly!




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