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If you are a perfectionist with high standards for your pleasure, the Grav Sandblasted Spoon Hand Pipe is ideal since it is guaranteed to fulfill all of your requirements. Get this product and add it to your pipe set as soon as possible!

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The Grav Sandblasted Spoon Hand Pipe is 4inches long and precisely crafted to make your sessions very comfortable and rewarding. The bottom of the pipe is white and snowy, giving it an icy appearance.The bong is equipped with an inverted ash catcher mouthpiece to help users have the cleanest smoking sessions. The bong is available in a range of colors on our online headshop.

Grav Sandblasted Spoon Hand Pipe Features and Specifications:

• Length: 4″
• Width: 1 5/8″
• Height: 1 3/8″
• Carb Position: Left
• Filtration Type: Inverted Ash Catcher Mouthpiece

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Amber, Black, Blue, Green, Lake Green, Lavender, Mint, Pink, Smoke, White


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