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Despite its humble yet stylish appearance, Grav Small Beaker Base Water Pipe is a massive success among Grav products. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to see your pipe’s work from the inside? This product, made of magnificent clear glass, will allow you to see everything within. Don’t miss the opportunity to have this unique piece in your collection.

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The Grav Small Beaker Base Water Pipe has a small size that may deceive you at first glance. However, don’t be too quick to evaluate it based on its outside look. It is, in reality, an extremely effective and powerful smoking gadget. It is ideal for individuals who enjoy the traditional pipe style. The high-quality downstream distributes and delivers smooth and clean impacts. This travel-friendly bong is easy to bring with you anywhere, at any time, due to its small compact size. The flat, sturdy base of the Grav Small Beaker Base Water Pipe allows it to be securely laid on any surface without fear of shattering. The bong, comprised of premium borosilicate glass, is highly durable.

Grav Small Beaker Base Water Pipe Features and Specifications:

• 8” Tall

• 14mm Bowl Included

• Beaker Base

• Ice catcher/pinch

• Diffused downstem

• GRAV branding along the neck

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Black Accents, Clear


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