Juicy Jay Cigarette Roller Machine


Introducing the Juicy Jay Cigarette Roller Machine, the perfect tool for rolling your own wraps with ease and precision. This larger-sized roller is designed specifically for those who prefer the taste and appearance of wraps over traditional rolling papers. Measuring up to 125mm (about 4 inches) in length, this Juicy Cigar Roller is ideal for crafting larger blunts.

The Juicy Jay Cigarette Roller Machine includes:
• 1 Cigar Roller/Pack
• 6 Cigar Roller/Box

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Made with high-quality materials, the Juicy Jay Cigarette Roller Machine ensures a smooth and effortless rolling experience. Whether you’re a seasoned blunt roller or just starting out, this roller will help you achieve perfect cigars every time. Simply insert your favorite wrap, fill it with your desired herbs or tobacco, and let the roller do the rest. With Juicy Jay’s Cigarette Roller Machine, you can effortlessly roll your own wraps like a pro.

Order from our online headshop, Olofly, and enhance your smoking experience with the convenience and precision of the Juicy Jay Cigarette Roller Machine. Each pack contains one roller, and you can also opt for the box set with six rollers to keep you stocked up. Start enjoying the satisfaction of rolling your own wraps and take your smoking sessions to a new level of customization and flavor.


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