K.Haring Glass Bubbler

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K.Haring Glass Bubbler, a stunning fusion of art and function inspired by the renowned artist Keith Haring.

Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this bubbler offers a truly exceptional smoking experience. This is thanks to its advanced water filtration and eye-catching design.



Key features of the K.Haring Glass Bubbler:

  • 8-Slit Showerhead Percolator: Enjoy smooth and purified smoke thanks to the advanced water filtration provided by the 8-slit showerhead percolator. It ensures each hit is cool and satisfying.
  • Iconic Keith Haring Artwork: Immerse yourself in the world of Keith Haring with the hand-applied, heat-resistant designs on the neck and base of the bubbler. Haring’s distinct lines and emotive power come to life, making this bubbler a true masterpiece.
  • Bell-Shaped Construction: The construction of the bubbler not only enhances its visual appeal but also provides an ergonomic grip for comfortable sessions. The flared bottom adds extra stability.
  • Fixed Bowl & Downstem: The fixed bowl and downstem of the bubbler make it convenient to use and maintain. Simply pack your herbs, and you’re ready to enjoy.
  • Large Bowl Capacity: With a spacious bowl, this bubbler allows for generous herb packing. Thus, eliminating the need for constant refills and ensuring longer smoking sessions.
  • Wide & Sturdy Base: The wide and sturdy base of the bubbler provides stability and peace of mind, preventing accidental tipping or spills.

Order the K.Haring Glass Bubbler today from our online headshop, Olofly. And experience the perfect blend of artistry and functionality in your smoking routine. Each bubbler is carefully packaged in a durable box adorned with Haring’s signature and dynamic imagery. Thus, ensuring safe and secure storage for your prized piece.




K.Haring Glass

Product Type



5.8” W x 5.8” D x 6.5”H


Borosilicate Glass

Percolator Type

8-Slit Showerhead


Black White, Black/Red/White, Multi Blue, Multi Yellow


  1. Jennah Priest (verified owner)

    good one, bt not the best one

  2. Carlton Partridge (verified owner)

    easy to clean, and the hits are consistently smooth and enjoyable…

  3. Christie Milligan (verified owner)

    The percolation not only cools down the smoke but also enhances the flavor. K.Haring nailed it with this piece

  4. Ernesto Burgos (verified owner)

    The hits from this bubbler are on a different level. I AM IMPRESSED

  5. Tamara Starkey (verified owner)

    The percolation action is mesmerizing, and the glass feels comfortable in hand. Truly a standout piece.

  6. Nadia Masters (verified owner)

    The glass quality is top-notch and the hits are consistently smooth.

  7. Tatyanna Welsh (verified owner)

    The hits are cooled down perfectly, and the attention to detail in the design is evident!!!!!!!

  8. Amia Calderon (verified owner)

    It’s sturdy and well-crafted, and the diffusion adds a new level of enjoyment to my sessions

  9. Christa Vernon (verified owner)

    The design is stunning and the percolation delivers smooth hits that are a joy to experience.


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