MJ Arsenal Bubble Carb Cap


With the MJ Arsenal Bubble Carb Cap, rub your oil on the walls of any quartz accessory for the tastiest, evenly heated puff imaginable!

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The MJ Arsenal Bubble Carb Cap oil rig accessories allow your Mini Rig to hold more heat and evaporate concentrates more effectively, resulting in ideal, pure tastes. Place your carb cap on top of your quartz bucket to control airflow. The Bubble Cap’s distinctive bulb form enables you to regulate flow direction easily. The MJ Arsenal Bubble Carb Cap is designed mainly for MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs, but it also works safely for other attachments. Available on our online headshop.

MJ Arsenal Bubble Carb Cap Features and Specifications:

• MJ Arsenal Carb Cap
• Bubble Style Design
• Directional Airflow Design
• Increase flavor and vapor production

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