MJ Arsenal Charcoal Apollo Mini Rig – LE


The MJ Arsenal Charcoal Apollo Mini Rig – LE is an excellent choice if you want a small, portable, affordable bong. Don’t miss this chance to freshen up your pipe collection!

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The MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Dab Rig is inspired by the Fab Egg, one of the most legendary dab rig designs ever. Throughout the piece, holes in the glass are cut that ensure your impact percolates from top to bottom and keeps it rolling, which is a challenging structure to produce, especially at such a small scale. There are many types of mini rigs available that have been designed to interfere as little as possible with a dab while maintaining maximum effectiveness and flavor. When you strike an MJ Arsenal piece, you’ll taste your dabs instantly and thoroughly because of the tiny body and low water line.

MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Dab Rig Features and Specifications:

• Height: 4 in

• Base width: 2.75 in

• 10mm quartz banger included

• Glass mini rig

• Unrivaled percolation action

• Designed for minimal filtration and maximum flavor

• Made by MJ Arsenal


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