MJ Arsenal Flat Carb Cap


The MJ Arsenal Flat Carb Cap is meant to provide a strong and efficient smoking experience with maximum satisfaction. This masterpiece was created exclusively for MJ Arsenal Quartz Bangers and Mini Rigs.

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The flat-top shape of the MJ Arsenal Flat Carb Cap ensures a perfect seal with the quartz banger and drives air through the directed piece to push around extra wax in difficult-to-reach spots. This enhances the vaporization and taste of your concentrates. The top handle allows you to use it without burning your fingers. Available on our online headshop.

MJ Arsenal Flat Carb Cap Features and Specifications:

• Made for MJ Arsenal Bangers
• Flat Carb Cap Design
• Control Airflow Direction
• Directional Carb Cap to push around puddles
• Increases Flavor and Vapor


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