MJ Arsenal The Dubbler Blunt Bubbler


MJ Arsenal The Dubbler Blunt Bubbler is undoubtedly worth finding a special spot in your pipe collection or to be the perfect reason to start collecting right away. Make your order as soon as possible!

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As always, MJ Arsenal The Dubbler Blunt Bubbler is a mind-blowing success since it handles the duty of cleaning and cooling smoke from your joints and blunts. Additionally, since the smoke is more relaxed, the flavor is enhanced, and you don’t spit out herb or ash particles. Since your hands will not directly touch the blunt or joint, your hands will not smell as much. Order from our online headshop at the best price now.

MJ Arsenal The Martian Blunt Bubbler Features and Specifications:

• Premium Borosilicate Glass

• Moisture-Conditioning

• Water Filtration

• Air Carb Hole

• Spill-Proof

• 2″ inches Tall

• 2″ inches Wide



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