Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit


The Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit has a unique composite quartz tip and a battery base that is compact, lightweight, and powerful simultaneously. Hurry up to order from our online headshop at the most affordable price.

The Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit:

• 1 x Nectar Collector E-Tip Battery Base

• 2 x Nectar Collector E-Tip Sip Tips

• 1 x E-Tip Kit USBC Recharging Cord

• 1 x E-Tip Magnetic Tip Cover

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Nectar Collector has collaborated with Dip Device to provide the first line of Electric Nectar goods, all of which are powered by the Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit. You have the ability to customize the experience to your liking with three different temperature settings and a variety of different tip selections.


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