Nectar Collector Flower Pro Kit



The Nectar Collector Flower Pro Kit is a rig that not only smokes well but also dazzles onlookers by combining our classic Nectar Collector design with a stunning opal-infused glass flower. This results in a piece that is both visually and functionally impressive.

The Nectar Collector Flower Pro Kit Includes:

• 1 x Nectar Collector Flower Pro Core

• 1 x Nectar Collector 26mm Connector Threadless

• 1 x Nectar Collector Infinity Tech Vortex Venturi Diffuser

• 1 x Nectar Collector Stinger Tip Collar

• 1 x Nectar Collector Quartz Stinger Tip Core

• 1 x Honeybird Delux Kit Case

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The Nectar Collector Flower Pro Kit is equipped with two laser-engraved connections that create a leak-proof o-ring. The Vortex Venturi Diffuser generates incredible water circulation, which results in the iciest impacts. The Stinger Tip, which has a replaceable core made of quartz, is effective and produces clouds with the best flavor. The Nectar Collector Flower Pro is another gorgeous heady that lives up to the high standards set by its parent company, Nectar Collector. It even has a mouthpiece that matches its color scheme. Hurry up to order from our online headshop at the most affordable price.

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