NEU Concentrate Rig Shower Head 10 Water Pipe



With the NEU Concentrate Rig Shower Head 10, you can enjoy smooth hits while still getting the full benefits of your concentrates. This reasonably priced setup looks and performs like a high-end item thanks to its thick and sturdy glass construction and sleek and efficient showerhead percolator for maximum dispersion.

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Whether you’re filling the 14.5mm male-jointed quartz thermal banger or placing the bong down between hits, the NEU Concentrate Rig Shower Head 10 Water Pipe’s large spherical base will keep it stable. The elegant curve of the neck provides an ideal position from which to smoke. Take puffs via the showerhead perc to enjoy the concentrated tastes more smoothly and less harshly. Don’t miss your chance to order this masterpiece at its best price from our online headshop.

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