OG Kush | Gorilla Glue | Bruce Banner Cactus Labs Six Shooter D9o

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OG Kush | Gorilla Glue | Bruce Banner Cactus Labs Six Shooter D9o offers unmatched customization options and ease of usage. This disposable vape pen has three strains of your choice and 6 grams of top-quality delta-9o distillate, also known as THC-O. You can get a Delta 9o Disposable Device from our online headshop.



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You may choose from three different strain combinations while using OG Kush | Gorilla Glue | Bruce Banner Cactus Labs Six Shooter D9o. So quickly and easily adjust the strain you’re using to vape. 

Every hemp aficionado should own a Cactus Labs Six Shooter Delta 9o. What’s more, it’s perfect for smokers who are always on the go or want to try out new strains. Get an OG Kush | Gorilla Glue | Bruce Banner Cactus Labs device as soon as possible from our online headshop.

How to use:

  • Remove the device from its packaging.
  • Remove the silicone cap from the mouthpiece.
  • Place the mouthpiece into your mouth.
  • To turn it on press the button on the device 5 times (the button is on the side of the device.)
  • Select the strain you want to vape by flicking the switch located at the bottom of the device.
  • Moreover, you can choose from 3 different strain combinations.
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy the vaping experience.
  • The device will automatically turn off after 8 seconds of continuous use.
  • If you want to continue vaping, simply click the button twice in quick succession to activate the continuous vaping mode.





Cactus Labs

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Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue, OG Kush


  1. Gilberto Freitas (verified owner)

    This is the smoothest best tasting vape pen I have used. It is easy and provides an overall relaxed body sensation.

  2. Tevin Griswold (verified owner)

    Tastes good, strong, doesn’t clog like other brands I have tried. Highly recommend

  3. Rohan Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Compared to some other varieties I thought this gave a good relaxing feel. The flavor was also good, not overpowering but light.

  4. Connor Jaimes (verified owner)

    I really loved them. I have to regulate the battery. I go through 2 gr. a week
    Normally I only need 1 gr.a week

  5. Tyshawn Yost (verified owner)

    Bought these for my boyfriend. He loved it .said it was the best one he has had by far.

  6. Samantha Fox (verified owner)

    LOVED THIS! Three to four puffs and anxiety is lifted..puts me in a great mood. Not so sure about the 800 puffs but this definitely gets the job done and then some!

  7. Ariella Monahan (verified owner)

    First time trying this brand, got me super high and for hours, love it. Great product.

  8. Ajay Maynard (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to order vape pens online but I’m glad I did! Good quality vape and you really feel the benefits. They hold a good charge also. Will definitely continue to order from here and recommend to friends.

    The taste was also favorite so far. I will be trying other flavors and products in the near future.


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