Ooze Quad Battery + Smart USB



The Ooze Quad Battery + Smart USB is a square-shaped, 510-threaded, 500 mAh vape pen battery. This form prevents the cartridge from breaking in the event of a drop, as the battery cannot roll off the edge of a table.v

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The Ooze Quad Battery + Smart USB is a flexible temperature gadget. To switch between its four voltage levels, simply click the button three times. This battery will turn off after being inactive for a period of 12 minutes, which significantly increases the amount of time that may pass between charges. Each Quad comes with an Ooze Smart USB charger as well as a charging port that is compatible with USB-C located on the very bottom. Do not miss the opportunity to order this amazing piece from our online headshop.

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Artic Blue, Cosmic Chrome, Ghost White, Ice Pink, Lucky Gold, Mary Jade, Panther Black, Rainbow, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Ultra Purple


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