Pink Rozay | Strawberries | Cream Hybrid Torch Heavyweight Haymaker Blend 4G Vape

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Introducing the Pink Rozay | Strawberries | Cream Hybrid Torch Heavyweight Haymaker Blend 4G Vape, a premium disposable vape device that offers a unique vaping experience like no other. Packed with 4 grams of THCH, THCjD, Delta 11, CBD, and CBN, this cutting-edge vape device is meticulously divided into two strains, offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Its top-of-the-line ceramic coil technology ensures a smooth and consistent vaping experience every time, while the integrated rechargeable battery offers ultimate convenience and ease of use.


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Featuring a draw-activated firing mechanism, the Pink Rozay | Strawberries | Cream Hybrid Torch Heavyweight Haymaker Blend 4G Vape is designed for vaping enthusiasts who want the best of the best. With an LED battery life indicator light, you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge, and its polycarbonate chassis construction ensures maximum durability and reliability. Plus, with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, this device is a safer and healthier option for those seeking the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. Order yours today from our online headshop and enjoy pure and potent live resin concentrate with no fillers, third-party lab tested to guarantee exceptional quality and performance.





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Pink Rozay x Strawberries x Cream-Hybrid

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  1. Jasmyne Steele (verified owner)

    My GF is picky about weed varieties, she told me this one was the best.

  2. Kendal Meier (verified owner)

    Exceeded all expectations!!!!!!!!!!! no complaints to make!

  3. Diego Sexton (verified owner)

    Life changer! I was battling with so much stress at work and my friend told me to try HHC to calm myself. CBD hadn’t really been cutting it lately, but this pen took me to feeling I needed to feel. Calm and relaxed. Loved it so much!

  4. Cristian Erwin (verified owner)

    This type of high is referred to as euphoric, and I believe it is an accurate description; I felt ecstatic the entire time.

  5. Amanda Wilde (verified owner)

    I ordered this one because I was intrigued by the name. the flavor is creamy and fruity, Its very good

  6. Christen Chappell (verified owner)

    not a big fan of pink rozey

  7. Katia Michaels (verified owner)

    Yum,I really understand what they mean by creamy.

  8. Elliot Sampson (verified owner)

    Gentle at first if you take only 1 puff but nice and intense if you take a few

  9. Stephan Chapman (verified owner)

    The design of the vape appeals to me, as does the smoothness with which it draws; it has never clogged for me.

  10. Gisselle Kay (verified owner)

    Works just as described, nice and strong in its effects

  11. Anderson Mcafee (verified owner)

    I’ve been using it for a while and haven’t run out of it yet!

  12. Deana Galloway (verified owner)

    I used this vape the other night and was so high that I forgot where I placed it…

  13. Imari Laird (verified owner)

    10/10 will order again

  14. Vincenzo Isaac (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase, and it is every bit as nice as the first.


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