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Are you in the market for an intelligent vaporizer that looks like it came 500 years from the future? We suggest looking into Puffco Peak Pro. Since its launch in November 2020, this concentrate eRig has been the talk of the town, and for a good reason.  With wireless charging, superior temperature control, and an app that allows out-of-this-world customization, this vaping gadget is on every serious vaper’s want list. Even though it looks impossible to understand or operate, Peak Pro is super-easy to use once you get into it.    To stay ahead of trends and learn about the latest innovations in the vaping industry, read more below about Peak Pro – one of the leading products of the vape revolution.

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Peak Pro is the latest Puffco concentrate vaporizer that looks just like any modern glass bong. But on the inside, there is an intricate and delicate design created to exceed tech expectations and blow the minds of vape enthusiasts. What’s most exciting about this vaporizer is that it comes with a unique app that makes regular vape sessions seem centuries-old. Have you ever dreamt of having a vape session with a glowing rig glass? Regardless of your answer, the Peak Pro app can make it happen! This mind-blowing gadget also has real-time temperature control, USB and wireless charging, and a great peak pro atomizer. Unlike other atomizers, they do not make this one with glues, plastics, or coils. It has a 40% larger ceramic bowl than the previous Puffco vaporizer, which provides better hits and more intense flavors.  Despite being a high-tech product, Peak Pro is exceptionally user-friendly. It’s the perfect product for both beginners and vape connoisseurs.

How To Use Puffco Peak Pro?

Before turning your new Peak Pro on, you need to follow specific steps to prepare the device for usage. First, you need to make sure it’s fully charged, and then, you need to fill the glass with water until it reaches a level right about the air holes.  Next, you should line up the chamber and the tiny hole in the glass. Push the glass’s front into the base and push into the back. If you want to lock the device, you should hold the button for around 3 seconds.   Finally, you can integrate Puffco Peak Pro with the app on your phone. You can adjust the temperature, light effects, and session time there. After you set your preferences, you can insert the concentrate and double-click the start button on the side. Once you turn it on, the Peak Pro will be ready for use within 30 seconds. Enough time for you to set the atmosphere in the room and get into the right mindset.

Puffco Peak Pro for Sale

Peak Pro comes in three colors – black, white, and a rainbow color with blue tints. Combining this with the LED lights installed within the glass gives you the ideal trippy atmosphere. To make things trippier, you can also choose between a disco, wave, stealth, or pulse light effect on the app. The list of benefits doesn’t end here since Peak Pro offers an option to accessorize. Some of the add-ons worth mentioning are the Peak Pro travel pack, the unicorn opal glass, and a Peak Pro hot knife for effectively loading concentrates. Now that it’s become evident that Peak Pro is the bong of the future, it’s time to check out our online headshop, where our vaporizer collection will help you become part of something greater – the evolution of the vaping industry.

Where To Buy Puffco Peak Pro

With its unique design and high-end features, it’s no wonder Peak Pro is ever-present all around the vaping market. But in this over-saturated world of online shopping, you should always be careful who you trust. This especially applies when acquiring cutting-edge products like Peak Pro. The solution to avoiding risks is simple – only visit reputable vape stores. At Olofly, our primary mission is to provide vape enthusiasts with safe and innovative products. Providing high-quality products is the best way to make sure our customers get safe, healthy, and affordable tools. Visit our online headshop today to find your ideal vaporizer accessories and witness true professionalism in the vaping industry firsthand.

How Much Does Puffco Peak Pro Cost?

This mesmerizing dabbing gadget currently costs $399. Its predecessor, Peak, had the exact price when it first reached the shelves in 2018. Now, four years later, Peak’s price is only $249. Because Puffco launched Peak Pro less than two years ago, don’t expect the prices to drop soon. At the same time, you shouldn’t lose hope because there are a few ways you can find a more affordable option. Instead of purchasing directly from Puffco, you can keep track of discounts offered by other mediator companies. If you land upon a super-sale, you can even find this smart bong listed for less than $330.

Additional FAQs

How To Clean Puffco Peak Pro?

You should clean your Peak Pro every time the battery runs down, as it’s the surest way to extend its lifespan and avoid risky situations. For a simple clean, use a cotton swab dipped in 90% iso (isopropyl) alcohol to refresh the chamber. Immerse the chamber in 90% iso for 20 minutes for a more thorough one.   Submerge it in 99% iso to clean the glass, and thoroughly rinse and dry afterward. For the base, you can also use cotton swabs dipped in iso. But the most important thing is to clean the air path between the base and chamber without letting water enter the base gold threads.

Can You Use Puffco Peak Pro While Charging?

Even though theoretically, you can use Puffco Peak Pro while it charges, there is no reason to do so. Because the device uses all of its power when activated, it won’t charge at all if you vape during a charging session. Also, if you want to experiment with battery life, do this only after a few weeks of use. The Peak Pro should be fully charged the first couple of times you use it.

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