Puffco Vision Plus Oil Vaporizer

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There comes a time when the best measure of a product’s success is its republication with a fresh design. This is where Puffco Vision Plus comes in! Puffco offers one of the most famous and well-received products. One of the best vape pens ever designed, the Puffco Plus, is a new, stunning colorway.

The Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer comes with all the perks and attributes of the original Plus. It stands out due to its iridescent, rainbow-colored surface, which makes heads turn once you debut it in public.  Keep reading to learn more about Puffco’s newest entry, how it’s to be used, and where to it right now!


  • Puffco Vision Plus Device
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • USB Supercharger
  • Two Colored Grips



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The Puffco Vision Plus is the same as the Puffco Plus – a vape pen for dab wax, oil, or concentrate. Like its predecessor, the Vision Plus vaporizer is versatile, compact, and incredibly easy to use daily, completely innovating the vaping experience and bringing it up a notch.

Another thing that makes the Plus and the Vision Plus stand out so much is the unique mouthpiece, which combines a carb cap, a splash guard, and a loading tool. Afterwards, just press the tip, and a small dart for scooping up dab will pop out at the bottom.  

The dart was invented to eliminate the annoyance of dealing with sticky or slippery dab wax. Use it to load your chamber and enjoy the unique heating technology, evenly distributing heat without scorching or burning the oil. You’ll revel in the flavorful, smooth, and cool vapor, mirroring the Vision Plus’ cool look.

How Do You Use Puffco Vision Plus?

Using the Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer is something anyone can do and learn instantly. By all means, decide on which temperature you want your vapor to be. Not only that, but you can also choose between three alternatives: low-green, medium-blue, and high-white. Each of these corresponds to 580℉, 650℉, and 720℉, respectively. Simply press the single button on the pen, and inhale.

Also, you can go for the Sesh-mode option, which allows you to tap the button twice and inhale as much as you want during a 12-second window. After you’re done smoking, open the chamber, empty it, and clean the vape pen. Once it’s dry, it’ll be ready for another use!

Puffco Vision Plus for Sale

Luckily for us, the Puffco Vision Plus is a crazily popular product, widely available through one online headshop. Just try googling it, and you’ll see that you can easily get it.

Besides, it comes with a USB charger, cleaning swabs, and two colored grips, which are unique to the Vision Plus, and are not available with the Plus! Depending on the retailer, the delivery speed, and the possibility of discounts, you can purchase the Vision Plus for anything between $70 and $100! 

Where to Buy Puffco Vision Plus?

If you trust us, we can only recommend a single online store for you to get the Puffco Vision Plus – Olofly! We offer only the highest-quality vaping and smoking products.

Additionally, here at Olofly, we can also get you all the vaping accessories you may need at incredibly affordable prices! We have a wide array of Puffco products, many of which are compatible with the stylish Vision Plus! All you need to do is to check our selection and take your pick!



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  1. Caitlin Parson (verified owner)

    This vape got me feeling really good after the first puff…

  2. Gracie Cates (verified owner)

    Honestly, did not meet all of my requirements. But still I had a good sessions…

  3. Deshaun Allard (verified owner)

    This one does the trick for sure. Very enjoyable and de-stressing. Will order again!

  4. Rebeca Herman (verified owner)

    Quality build, quality product, high quality than anything else out there. Really sleek design.

  5. Connor McIntire (verified owner)

    A puff every now and then keeps my anxiety completely under control. A few big ol puffs in one go when I wanna get lifted on a day off.

  6. Tamera Bello (verified owner)

    Is amazing and well worth it. Tastes great and last forever!

  7. Adrianne Jarrett (verified owner)

    Was VERY surprised on how well it “worked”. Mmmmmmmm.I t’s works great! Taste great! Definitely would recommend and get again

  8. Rudy Coe (verified owner)

    Did not disappoint! A couple puffs and your almost immediately relaxed. Great product…

  9. Genesis Garber (verified owner)

    A perfect tool that gives me perfect days of smoking satisfaction!!!!

  10. Cristian Kendrick (verified owner)

    The flavor and high were spectacular! We will be ordering more of this one next time!

  11. Devyn Crosby (verified owner)

    Very effective. Euphoria with the ability to function. This is everything!!!!

  12. Lesli Gandy (verified owner)

    Love that this one doesn’t give you a bad throat burn. One or two hits gives you a good functional high. Perfectly smooth is great!

  13. Leighton Kohler (verified owner)

    This is a great “all purpose” pen. Doesn’t burn out at all. Very clean feeling w zero unwanted after affects.

  14. Kelvin Neal (verified owner)

    This was the product that worked best for me. I have insomnia and deprression, but this beautiful stuff helps me unwind after difficult working days…


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