RAW Black Glass Tips


The RAW Black Glass Tips are the best they’ve ever been, with the iconic red RAW logo on sleek black borosilicate glass. These brand-new ones are flawless in every way; they can be popped into a rolling machine with no problems and will come out looking exactly the same every time.

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These RAW Black Glass Tips will not go wet like paper and have the added bonus of feeling fabulous on the lips. Having the best rolling papers with a reusable glass tip like this is a certain way to have a great smoking experience. Each RAW Black Glass Tip comes in a compact, screw-top container for portability and storage convenience.

Each glass point is 1 inch in height and 25 inches in diameter (6.3mm).

Why not try these joint glass tips for special occasions, even if you usually roll your cigarettes using one of RAW’s many paper smoking tips. Do not miss the opportunity to order from our online headshop.


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