RAW Black Organic Hemp 1¼


In honor of RAW‘s 16th anniversary, the brand-new RAW Black Organic Hemp is the brand’s thinnest and slowest-burning unbleached hemp paper. Each leaf is extremely thin and has a low porosity; as a result, it burns very slowly and protects your terpenes by reducing air contact.

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RAW Black Organic Hemp is the thinnest, unbleached hemp rolling paper RAW has ever produced. This one-of-a-kind handmade paper is made in Alcoy, Spain when the Valencian breezes are dry and the humidity is appropriately low.

The outcome is a fragile hemp rolling paper that burns exceptionally slowly and cleanly. RAW Black Organic Hemp papers have the same patented crisscross run-preventing watermark as RAW Natural.

RAW Black Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are manufactured from natural hemp and water and finished with an organic gum derived from Acacia tree sap that is obtained in an environmentally responsible manner.

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RAW Rolling Papers

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Rolling Paper


hemp paper


78mm x 44mm


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