RAW Classic Creaseless 1 1/4 300s


A product designed with purists in mind, RAW Classic Creaseless 1 1/4 300s is the ultimate in understated quality. More than 150 years have passed with little modification to the packaging’s trademark lack of wrinkles and creases. They are made from unbleached plant fibers and finished with the finest natural gum line available, guaranteeing a consistent and long burn.

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RAW Classic Creaseless 1 1/4 300s papers will satisfy even the most discerning smoker. It’s created with natural gum that has the ability to curl somewhat at the gum line in low-humidity situations because of the lack of preservatives. Pull the sheet taut, ensure no slack is left, and use the moisture from your breath to straighten the gum line if it curls gently. If the sheets don’t curl, you should pull out all the excesses and then some. Take advantage of your chance to own this work of art right now by purchasing it from our online headshop with only a few clicks!


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