RAW Classic Creaseless 1 1/4 500s


RAW Classic Creaseless 1 1/4 500s is a product that has been specially developed for purists. The wrinkle-free, creaseless packaging has remained unchanged for more than a century and a half. They are finished with the finest natural gum line possible, which ensures a continuous and steady burn since they are manufactured from plant fibers that have not been bleached in any way.

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Even the most discerning smoker will find that the RAW Classic Creaseless 1 1/4 500s papers meet their expectations. It is made with natural gum that contains no preservatives and has the potential to naturally curl slightly at the gum line in environments with low levels of humidity. If they curl, gently draw the sheet taut, eliminating all slack, and use the natural moisture in your breath to straighten the gum line. Pull the sheets tight and remove all slack if they don’t curl. Do not pass up the chance to get this work of art from our online headshop with only the click of a button—you won’t want to miss out on this!


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RAW Rolling Papers


Pure hemp Paper and hemp natural gum


1¼, 78mm x 44mm

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Rolling Paper


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