RAW Hemp Wick – 10ft


The RAW Hemp Wick is a natural replacement for butane lighters and matches. This RAW Hemp Wick is handcrafted in Europe, and the packs, display boxes, and cards are printed on hemp or recycled paper. The strategy by RAW is relatively straightforward: everything must be sustainably and locally obtained.

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The RAW Hemp Wick contains only two components, and those are: 1. Hemp of the highest possible quality, originating in Europe, produced organically and free of synthetic or chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 2. To guarantee that the beeswax is of the best possible quality, RAW maintains tight relationships with both beekeepers and their processors. Honeybees and other types of bees play a significant role in the health of our environment, and as such, the RAW took an obligation to do all in its power to protect and enhance customers’ well-being.

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