Raw Level Five Wooden Cigarette Holder


Each RAW Wooden Cigarette Holder is crafted by hand from eco-friendly brown knotwood and features the word RAW incised into the wood and packaged as a gift with a handy pouch for transportation. Do not miss the chance to order from our online headshop!

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RAW Rolling Papers designed this authentic wooden joint holder, but you can use it with any brand of rolling paper or pre-rolled cone. If you’re going to go to the trouble of rolling your own, you may have a filter tip coated with Quintessential Hemp for a more precise fit, superior flavor, and easier draw.

If the thought of smoking many cigarettes at once appeals to you, but five at once is too much, you’ll be thrilled to hear that RAW also produces a Trident and a handful of Doubles. A hole can be left open for use as a carb if desired.


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