RAW Organic Hemp Single Wide


Crafted to perfection using just natural, unadulterated hemp without adding any chalk or colors! And this resulted in the creation of the RAW Organic Hemp Single Wide, your way to impress your friends and have real fun.

Available in 3 styles: Single Feed, Double Feed & Cut Corners.

Single Feed: 50 leaves per pack

Double Feed:100 leaves per pack

Cut Corners: 50 leaves per pack

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RAW paper in the RAW Organic Hemp Single Wide is manufactured from unprocessed plant fibers and has no additives that can be burned. RAW Organic Hemp Papers are produced by the use of a specialized technique that involves the use of pure water. This process results in a naturally very thin paper, light tan in color, and burns extra slowly and cleanly. Do not miss the opportunity to order from our online headshop!


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