RAW Perforated Wide Tips


RAW Perforated Wide Tips were designed to move the flaming ember further away from the user’s face. RAW’s soft fiber paper is used in the production of these wide tips, which are then pressed to ensure a smooth and effortless rolling experience—having the consistency and smoothness of silk.

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These RAW Perforated Wide Tips include perforated edges, making it simpler to modify their length and roll them up. RAW Wide Tips are sold in packs of 50.

RAW Perforated Wide Tips are the way to go if you want either the distance your filter can offer you or a more oversized handle overall. Use these joint filters instead of ripping the tops off cigarette boxes or using flyers with a plastic coating to filter your smoke. This bad behavior not only has an impact on the flavor, but it also isn’t very healthy for you in general.

The trouble with rolling tips is that everyone rolls differently and has various tastes, which is why RAW Rolling Papers is all about providing you with precisely what you need to achieve that elusive perfect smoke. No chemical bleaching or chlorine is used to produce any RAW tips.

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