RAW Pre-Rolled Tips


As you would expect from RAW, the RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are composed of natural, unprocessed paper that you insert at the end of any roll-up to keep the herbal matter out of your mouth and offer a strong crutch for the distinctive shape and clear airflow.

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Don’t bother rolling your own filter if you don’t have the time; instead, use these RAW Pre-Rolled Tips. When you use these joint filters, you won’t need to rip the tops off cigarette boxes or use paper coated in plastic anymore. This bad behavior not only has an impact on the flavor, but it also isn’t very healthy for you in general. With RAW Pre-Rolled Tips, your experience will be unique and, more importantly, healthy.

This RAW Paper, like other RAW Papers supplied by Olofly, is the genuine article and is 100% RAWthentic. No fakes here! That’s right, we don’t sell knockoffs.


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