RAW Six Shooter King Size


The RAW Six Shooter King Size is shaped like an old Spanish millstone and can accommodate 1, 2, 3, or 6 RAW Cones at once. Turn the dial to the required amount and remove the middle pin. Put your materials within the RAW Cones you just inserted, and start tapping! To use, take off the lid and set the base plate on a flat surface; the RAW Cones will rise up like a toaster when you press down.

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Filling one cone, two cones, three cones, or even six king-size RAW cones is a breeze with the RAW Six Shooter King Size. It can be ready to go in under a minute with a full load! The Six Shooter is a more organized, time-saving alternative to conventional ways of filling pre-rolled cones. Assemble the required number of pre-rolled cones into the loading chamber, and you’ll have made significant progress. If you pack your smoking material tightly and tap it a few times, you should be good to go. Minimal time and resources are expended, and no clutter is created. Order from our online headshop at the most affordable price. Also available in 1ΒΌ size.


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