RAW Slim Herbal Tips


The new RAW Slim Herbal Tips are 30% slimmer than the company’s standard pre-rolled tips. Some people prefer narrow rolls, and RAW has always been about offering you what you want so that you can enjoy every puff!

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RAW Slim Herbal Tips are filter tips that are rolled to perfection and have not been bleached. You can expect natural, unprocessed paper from RAW Rolling Papers. This paper can be dropped at the end of any roll-up to keep the herbal matter out of your mouth, offer a sturdy crutch for a unique shape, and provide precise airflow. RAW designed these filters to make it easier for customers who had trouble gripping a tip while they rolled it up and to make it possible to wrap it up more quickly. RAW Pre-Rolled Tips were first rolled by hand, but the insane demand for them eventually compelled the company to develop a machine that could pre-roll the tips instead. Order from our online headshop from our online headshop!


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