RAW Terp Spray SFV OG


Botanically derived terpenes, the new RAW Terp Spray SFV OG “Cannabis-Native” Terpenes, assist in the release of the full potential of the plant. Spray some RAW Terp Spray onto your RAW Rolling Paper, RAW Cone, or other smoking material.

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The couch lock is no match for RAW SFV OG Terp Spray, which contains predominantly uplifting terpenes like Limonene. Limonene stimulates, uplifts, and relieves “couch-lock.” This can help revive ancient content while also enhancing the impact of newer works. Terpenes (odors) are among the first properties of a substance to go. Including terps once again is a necessary step in reaching the next level.

Lightly spray your target with the RAW Terps, wait six minutes, then light up and enjoy!

The RAW Terp Spray is packaged in a convenient 5 mL misting spray container. Hurry up to order from our online headshop!


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