ROOR Tech Fixed 14” Straight Milky Blue Water Pipe


Enhance your smoking experience with the ROOR Tech Fixed 14” Straight Milky Blue Water Pipe, available exclusively at our online headshop, Olofly. Designed in 2017, this stemless fixed straight tube brings a fresh look to the esteemed ROOR® Tech line. Crafted from premium 50mm x 5mm German Duran Schott glass, this water pipe features a wide 4 ¾” base for stability.

The ROOR Tech Fixed 14” Straight Milky Blue Water Pipe Includes:

• ROOR® Tech Fixed 14” Straight Clear with Full Blue Color Sections (White with Black Outline Decal)
• 18.8mm ROOR® Tech Bowl
• ROOR® Box
• Authentication Seal *Attached to tube

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The ROOR Tech Fixed 14” Straight Milky Blue Water Pipe incorporates a unique percolator design inspired by the original ROOR® Beaker body, maximizing airflow and percolation with slits at the bottom. It also includes a built-in debris catcher, catering to the preferences of every smoker. The 18.8mm joint seamlessly connects to the 18.8mm male bowl, which conveniently features a built-in glass screen.

The water pipe is equipped with ice-pinches to further enhance your smoking sessions, reducing splash and offering a cooling option. Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of the ROOR® Tech Fixed 14″ Straight 50x5mm Water Pipe, adorned with full blue color sections and a white with black outline decal. Experience the pinnacle of smoking pleasure and order your ROOR® Tech Water Pipe from Olofly today. Accompanied by an 18.8mm ROOR® Tech Bowl, this water pipe ensures a premium smoking experience like no other.


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Product Type

Bong and Water Pipe



Tube Type

Straight, Fixed

Base Type

Wide Round

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